Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Disneyland Paris Space Mountain : " Shoot for the moon " , fantastic making-of documentary

The BBC documentary that you are going to see today is probably one of the best "making-of" ever done for a Disney theme park attraction - if not THE best. "Shoot for the Moon" was filmed in 1994-1995 during the building of the Disneyland Paris version of Space Mountain and Tim Delaney, show producer of the land appears in person, with many others WDI imagineers.

Those of you who already know it will be pleased to see it again, but, for those of you who have never seen it, i strongly recommand you to don't miss it, because it's reaaaally a perfect documentary! Of course the movie is about the FIRST story line of the attraction, the one inspired by Jules Verne "From the Earth to the Moon" which is now unfortunately extinct as it has been replaced by the "Mission 2". And, although the new version have some new interesting special effects, i'm sorry to say that the first version was better - and had a better on-board music, too.

Okay, here is the real thing, the fantastic "Shoot for the Moon" documentary, with all my thanks to Zn00p1 who uploaded them on Daily Motion!

In addition to this fantastic video, don't miss one of my previous article with many great renderings and making-of pictures of DLP Space Mountain. You'll find it HERE.

Daily Motion videos: copyright BBC and Disney. All my thanks to Zn00p1


Anonymous said...

I should've put a watermark on that video when I first shared it online. I didn't realise other people would be re-uploading it in their name, all these years later. The VHS lines at the bottom of the video are a result of me not being able to crop the video, at the time. Alan.

Robert /Cologne said...

And the best soundtrack for an attraction ever...dearly missed

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really was the best behind the scenes show ever. Sophisticated to enough stay focused, get in-depth, and talk all about its topic, without talking down to its audience. Terrific footage of the creation of one of the most amazing attraction experiences ever built. In its early days the ride felt beautifully smooth too. It featured lots of funny thematic artwork making it far more 'steampunk' than it is today. I wish they had told the story of the last minute name change as well, from 'Discovery Mountain' back to the classic 'Space Mountain', while leaving several "DM" logos in place.
The usual EXCELLENT work from Alain- Thank You.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Thank you very much for posting Alain, it is certainly a great documentary!

The original version of the Parisian Space Mountain was the best ever, much better than the current one, and what they should use as role model for new Disney Resorts- updated and acclimatized versions of beloved classic attractions.

We should make a petition to DLP executives, for them to return Space Mountain to its original theming, and keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

'De la Terre à la Lune' simply was the best ride ever, Mission 2 is what you get when storytelling is thrown overboard.(I think that's an Official Deadly Disney Sin by Walt's standards) 'Mission 2' has no connection with Space Mountains' brilliant design and thats what makes it an atraction without a soul. Still, I really love the coaster but I have no warm feelings for the ride. Space mountain IS supposed to be Jules Verne, not something made more modern without a reason (or was it money?). The excellent music by Steven Bramson gave it emotion and a meaning and depth you don't often experience. The original ride might have needed a technical and sfx-update but replacing it with 'Mission 2' was insulting to the original imagineers and fans. The perfect gift for DLPs'20th anniversary would be to bring back 'De la Terre à la Lune'. It might be something to bring up at the next shareholders-meeting or really start a petition.
Ow, and Mr Philipe Gas; I want softer head-supports in the trains.


Ray Bryce said...

Im a disneyland Paris big fan and I remembered allways my first launch to the moon in 1998 like one of the best moments in the park. In 2005 I celebrate my birthday the same day the mission 2 opened and really liked the new visuals, but I think the atraction lost its soul. And I don't know for what reason feel the ride much rude with a lot of vibrations and movements. I try to change from the front seat to last seat, but allways if you put the head in the headsupport your brain shake like a cocktail.. the same in my nexts visits on 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010.. I remember the first version I was riding a lot of times each day in the park.. but now, only one for the nostalgia, and need a time to take the shake off from my head.
Anyone more feel it?

Thank you Alain is good to see again this video. ;)