Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Filming 20000 Leagues under the Sea - A 1954 LIFE Magazine Special Report - Part Two

It is Jules Verne's birthday this week as Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney reminded us two days ago and the birth date anniversary of legendary author of 20000 Leagues under the sea fits perfectly with this part two of the LIFE magazine special report that i'm putting online today.

Last November i've posted rare LIFE Magazine pictures from a 1954 report on Richard Fleisher's filming of 20000 Leagues under the sea. I thought these were the only one existing, but no, there is many more! So here is the part two of this great LIFE magazine photographic report with fantastic pictures mostly shot underwater at the Bahamas.

There we go. The two first pictures above and below shows one of the Nautilus crewmen in his diving suits - and not Director Richard Fleischer as i written in previously.

Let's dive know, and the four first underwater pictures below show Captain Nemo (recognizable to his helmet with a lamp on the top, different than the one of Nautilus crewmen)

A great series of pictures, now, showing the filming of the famous underwater burial scene.

Some other pictures are showing the film propmen bringing fish for one of the movie's sequence.

An interesting picture showing the different signals for helmet divers during the underwater filming...

More pictures of Nautilus crewmen...

We will end this part two with these pictures of a handsome diver playing one of the Nautilus crewmen.

Hope you enjoyed these rare 20000 Leagues under the Sea filming pictures, and come back soon for the third part as the best is yet to come! If you liked this article, you will love the Tom Scherman web site. Have a look HERE.

Pictures: copyright LIFE Magazine


DisWedWay said...

Reminds me of a lunch with Harper Goff and Fred Joerger at WED,and their telling the story of of how they filmed the giant squid attack scene at the Disney Studio in a huge water tank or pool. Great moments. PD

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures from an all-time classic... thank you Alain...

a regular reader from Cologne