Saturday, April 2, 2011

Disneyland Paris Disney Magical Moments Grand Opening Show - Now updated with new pictures !

Yesterday at Disneyland Paris was the launch of Disney Magical Moments new season and i will comeback about it with pictures and videos tomorrow monday. The guests invited to this special event also had the pleasure to see a fantastic show in the evening and below is the full video of it.

I consider it as the best show since the Tower of Terror grand opening show four years ago. The music was good - specially the "So this is Love" sequence, the dancers were good too, and the fireworks, video projections and laser effects were perfect. As a matter of fact it would make a perfect show for DLP 20th Anniversary!

However, please note that this show will unfortunately not happen during Disney Magical Moments season as it was a show only for DLP April 2 special event. Still, it's was a great show and i hope you will enjoy it. Play it full screen and see you tomorrow for much more!

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Will said...

you really liked that?
I just hate these kind of meaningless shows, the storyline is vague, the music cheap, the entire thing lacked magic in the classical sense. the fireworks were decent though. those dancers were so incredible retro, can't believe they spend money for this. there was no coherence in the costumes, a mishmash of lights and sounds. thank god this will not be repeated... i honestly hope they come up with something better 2012... btw, are there plans to take away this dreadful platform in central plaza?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, i really liked it, and here is why. But first, remember that it was a 14 minutes "special event" show which means that the show won't be repeated every night. The goal is, generally, to have a spectacular show which will impress the guests of the event.
I can agree partly with what you're saying but the reason why i liked it last night (as most of the guests it seems) was not because of the storyline which was more than basic but because of the "energy" that the show had. it's difficult to explain this because one had to be there to feel it.
Indeed there was the kind of mix Disney usually does to make sure all generations will find the kind of emotion they're looking for. But, although we had also this in yesterday's show this time it worked pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Cheap, tacky and boring. When will DLP entertainment department learn?

Anonymous said...

Not to bash it, but I found it less than appealing also.

c-jenko said...

I thought the show was okay, I liked the new street dance approach that they threw in. The lasers, white ball projectors and fireworks were brilliant. I loved the bit where the castle opened! The whole "love" song i didn't really like but on the whole it was a nice opening to the 2011 season.

I do think its a shame theres no announcements for new rides - ratatouille still hasn't been made official yet!! The new character experiences are good, but its the rides I'm reeeeally interested in!!

Bruno said...

Disney fan bloggers should say the truth about it's parks, not always try to please the company just to be invited to tacky events. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!
DLP looks detroyed, they announces even paviment as benefit and this show looks really trashy. It does not have what I expect from a Disney park.

Alain Littaye said...

This was not a show which was created to last months and months in the park, this is just a 10+ minutes special event show. That's why you don't have a strong storyline, but it's not the problem if you don't do the mistake to take it like a real Disney show which is here to stay.
Again, it's was just meant to be an "end of a special evening" show, that's all what it was, and it was an enjoyable end for that evening.

Bruno said...

Sorry, Alain. I like this blog a lot, but I don't buy this argument. Your text says "best show since the Tower of Terror grand opening", "The music was good - specially the 'So this is Love' sequence, the dancers were good too" and "it would make a perfect show for DLP 20th Anniversary". Couldn't disagree more. It's not about the storyline, but about the whole show - a one night only show, but a Disney show overall.
Maybe you were impressed because you've received a (well deserved) VIP treatment earlier that day. And, trust me, I get it.
I would really like to read the reasons why DLP looks so destroyed (castle, ship, some of the Main Street buildings) here or in any Disney fan blog.
In fact, I'm glad they're not announcing any new ride, cause what the park really need is to be fixed first.

Alain Littaye said...

Bruno, totally honestly, i can assure you that i didn't said anything good about this show simply because "i had a VIP treatment". Really. I can perfectly understand why people don't like it when you see it on the video but for people who saw it "live" it was a different experience. May be i've exagerated a bit when i said that it would make a perfect show for the 20th Anniversary, but this is what i thought just after i saw it.

Frankly the show "worked" perfectly for those who were there that night, but sometime there is strange reasons why a show can be magic a certain night and wouldn't another one. It was the first day of spring in Paris with warm temperature, last saturday, everybody was happy to don't have to wear anymore tons of clothes, the light had been beautiful all day and the show cast had a great energy. So, may be this had an influence on the pleasure we had with this 14 min show, but - and although i perfectly agree on the lack of story - i really mean what i said about it.

As for the park's maintenance, DLP is really constantly repainting here and there but the hard winter climate in Paris doesn't help. It can be the same climate in tokyo, i agree, but they are japanese and japanese are unbeatable for the maintenance. And Oriental land also have more money than DLP!