Friday, April 1, 2011

Important warning to my D&M friends ( and to the rest of the world )

You will find below a POTC 4 Featurette but what is coming now is definitely a NON Disney topic. Don't go away right now as what i will talk about is really serious - and it's also NOT an April fools!

You know me as a Disney specialist and for sure i am one but there is other subjects that i know also extremely well. For instance i'm a big David Lean movies specialist and even filmed documentaries on some of Lean's most famous movies like Lawrence of Arabia or Bridge on the River Kwai. As a matter of fact i'm probably the last person on Earth who knows the exact - and beautiful - locations where these two legendary movies were filmed!

But that's not the point today as this week-end something potentially extremely explosive is going to happen. You see, among all my specialties there is one that i know really well and it's all about Astrology. For most of the people who have never study it astrology is generally a bad joke, and i can't blame them to think that as what is published each week in the magazines Horoscope section IS indeed a bad joke. 98% of them is just bullshit, there is no other way to describe it.

The problem is that astrology has nothing to see with all this and it's an extremely complex science/art (call it whatever you want) which really works - god knows why and how, but it works. And it's someone who have more than 30 years of observation / experiment behind him who is telling you this. The usual big mistake that almost anyone does about astrology is to think that it's going to tell you WHAT will happen. But that's not how it works. Most of the time astrology is telling us WHY things happen at the time they happen but not WHAT is going to happen. It would be too simple, right? In fact it all depends on the planets position in an astral theme and there is as many different astral themes as there is human beings on this planet, so you'll understand the complexity.

That said, sometime there is what is called a "conjunction" of planets which creates such a potentially explosive situation that it can affect really a lot of people. For instance since the last three months we have a conjunction between Uranus and what is called the "Black Moon" and this is what has created the revolutions in the Middle East. Don't get me wrong, the reason why it happened is mainly because the people were living under autocratic regimes but the reason WHY it happened NOW - and not 2 years before or after - is because of this Uranus - Black Moon conjunction.

Uranus is in essence the revolution (whether it's people revolution or a technological revolution, anything which breaks the rules) and the Black Moon (which also has to see with our part of animality) is, her, in the "all or nothing at all" logic. When both are allied it creates what we can see in arab countries, i.e people who no only stands for a revolution (in this case asking for democracy or a change of regime) but also who are ready to fight to the end, if necessary (and generally it is necessary).

Another example which will lead us to what i want to tell you: the same Uranus who was since six years in the sign of Pisces entered the sign of Aries last month. By doing so he is now doing what is called a "quadrature" with Pluto which is at the beginning of the Capricorn (because both are at a 90 degrees angle). Uranus, as i said, creates the revolutions but is also the master of the unpredictable (and generally, most of the time, it brings unpredictable bad news!). Pluto, in the mythology is the lord of the underworld, the keeper of hidden treasures and powers and, as his name indicates, Pluto is also in relation with nuclear power. When you have a quadrature between Uranus and Pluto it's a very explosive situation. Now, Uranus entered the sign of Aries on March 11, will stay in the sign many years, and the least we can say is that he did a spectacular entrance as on March 11 we had: a major 9.0 earthquake, a devastating tsunami AND the beginning of a major nuclear catastrophe. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the "master" of the sign and, as we know the lord of war. One week after Uranus entered in Aries and the dramatic events in Japan, Europe and the U.S entered in war with Lybia. Okay, it's a half-war, but it's a war anyway.

And now, here comes the important warning. Additionally to the entrance of Uranus in Aries we have, also in the same sign, Jupiter - quite a protective planet normally when it doesn't have bad aspects with others planets, which unfortunately is the case here as Jupiter is also in a quadrature with Pluto in Capricorn. We have also the Black Moon which entered in Aries at the end of March. BUT, in addition to this (which is already explosive) Mars, master of the sign, will enter this saturday in Aries AND the Moon will also be in Aries for 2-3 days starting saturday evening. As we are early April this means that the Sun is naturally in Aries.

In two words we're going to have the next four days a conjunction Sun - Moon - Mars - Uranus - Black Moon - Jupiter all together in Aries. All of them will be in quadrature with Pluto in Capricorn and also opposite with Saturn, now in Libra, during all next week. But the "epicenter" (if i can say) of the conjunction, the most dangerous time will be between this saturday and next tuesday. You have to understand that such a conjunction is extremely rare and i warn all of you who are born in the first week of Capricorn (last ten days of December), or at the beginning of Libra (last ten days of September) or the beginning of Cancer (last ten days of June) to be extremely cautious in the next days and week because of the quadrature/opposite aspects these planets will do with these astrological signs.

As usual it's impossible to say from where the knock will come but beware of any agressive situation (and you might also be the one who can be agressive) or violent conflicts or any kind of accident (Mars is often responsible of car accidents but also with anything related with fire) and also be careful with electricity (because of Uranus which has to see with problems with electricity). No need to say that the warning is even more important for those of you who are born in Aries (last ten days of March) and SPECIALLY those of you born between the 20 and the 24 of March.

To be perfectly clear it's what we call "the perfect storm" and if you want to know if this conjunction of planets can have an effect on the rest of the world, yes it does. There is everything in place for anything explosive and destructive in this world whether it's riots and carnage or in the true meaning of the terms. And i really pray that our Japanese friends will not have a second service of another major catastrophe. Keep an eye also on Fukhushima nuclear plant as the quadrature Uranus-Pluto is unfortunately here to stay and not only for one month but for many years - which means that explosive revolutions (in all meaning of the terms) are here to stay for quite a while...

Some of you who have read this topic until this last paragraph might think that i'm totally insane, but believe me i'm not. And i wouldn't have take the hour it took to me to write all this if there was nothing really serious, would I? Whether you believe me or not, just give me the "benefit of the doubt" for the next days or weeks. Who knows, it might save your life.


Javier Echarri said...

Thanks for the advice.

I was born the 31st of March, so I'll take care these days!

By the way, thanks for the dedication in the book From Sketch To Reality. It's Great! I love all about Disney (since February I'm a member of D23) and this blog is amazing for fans like me (a lot of envy (but good envy) for all the things you know about this magic world).

Have a magical day,

Javjer Echarri

Anonymous said...

Wow, man, between this and the Fukushima thing last week, it's starting to look like you might be sipping a little too much from the happy juice. I'm not saying it's bad to switch topics, but you've hit us with two separate doomsday conspiracies in as many weeks. That's a little strange, don't you think?

Aladar said...

A very interesting article! I believe every word you said. I just hope nothing too serious happens :S

Alain Littaye said...

To Anonymous: In fact it was not two separate doomsday theories but only one as what i was talking about implicitly in the Fukhusima article was what i talked about today except that i didn't tell it openly in the first one, thinking that it would be a little bit too much for the same article!
But it's not doomsday theories, and there is probably no doomsday coming this week-end. However it doesn't mean that there will not be real bad thing happening and apparently carnage in on the road if we consider the 800+ people already killed (and counting) in massacres today in Ivory Coast (report by CNN). To be perfectly honest we knew that the presidential elections problem in Ivory Coast would have a bad ending but we didn't knew when. Now we know, and it's happening now. As i've said in the article the most important thing to remember with astrology is that it's telling us WHY things happen at the time they happen and not what is going to happen although it's easy to know when there is carnage or destructive energies coming.

Anonymous said...

Find me one month, week or even day of the past year in which somewhere int he world something horrible did not happen.

This constant insane banter has driven me away from this blog. What was once a fun Disney escape is now the blathering of a mad man and not only that, but he will find some event to point to to prove that he was correct.

Maybe a mud slide in California will kill a person and send many others from their homes... that will be proof. Maybe a bomb will go off in the middle east somewhere... more proof. Perhaps a flood will displace thousands... more proof... and all things that happen every day of every year.

Not one of his predictions in Tokyo turned out to be anything but over hyped craziness. It is just so sad because you take really, really serious things like what they are dealing with in Japan and you turn them into a joke with this kind of talk. It is a slap in the face to the tens of thousands that lost their lives. I mean this guy was posting retouched "joke" images of radio active signs placed around the park... all of this a week after thousands had died and millions were gravely concerned.

It is just such bad taste and such insanity that I truly wish you followed through on your word and shut down a while back rather than continue with your alarmist garbage.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

The again a guy like you is unlikely to even allow my comment to be published huh? You are a strong believer in your own thoughts but not those of others.

Alain Littaye said...

Nope, i allowed your comment - not that i agree with what you said as i think we're still not talking about the same thing - but i always find interesting to note that agressive comments are always posted "anonymously" which is indeed a proof of courage.

Teevtee said...

Here is a non "anonymous" comment that totally agrees with above comment.

Aside from in my opinion simply being out of place on a Disney blog (I am not sure if the "and more" name really covers something this far off topic) I find your warning so broad as to be meaningless.

As the above posts suggests it is extremely easy to find "proof" in any claim that you make when they are so ambiguous. I mean if you said "There will be a huge Earthquake in Japan in early March... and then that happened... well I would STILL not put any merit in it but we would be getting close. But to generally say "something bad will happen someplace on Earth sometime soon" is just meaningless... it is true of course because bad things always happen, but also meaningless. It seems like you were also implying that you knew about the Japan disaster but chose not to post about it? I may have misunderstood what you were saying but of course it is easy to claim things after the fact.

Anyway... I also agree that I come to this site to enjoy yourDisney news.. you do an excellent job posting about the press releases for the new parks etc. Perhaps you should create a separate site for your other interests. Just as fellow astrology believers may not care much about the new park in China most of your Disney readers probably do not care much about astrology... and if they do they would read both sites.

Lastly I also agree with above comments about the alarmist post you had about Japan and in fact I wrote a comment that was not posted for some reason. You were talking about radioactive clouds floating all over earth and you originally posted about "major damage to the parks" which you then changed to "minor" days later. Both of those comments were just dead wrong and took a horrifically bad situation and made it even worse by spreading misinformation.

No one expects you to be a world news reporter... you do a GREAT job in what you set out to do on this blog, I for one would love to see you continue on that path and be less focused on this other stuff.


Alain Littaye said...

Dear Teevtee, 99,99% of my posts on Disney and more are talking about Disney and non-Disney articles are extremely rare. It's even the first time that i post an "astrology" article and don't intend to post more regularly, so i'm not going to create a site for just one article, it wouldn't be reasonable, right? By the way, astrology is not a matter of "believe" but simply of observation, that's why it takes so long to learn for those who wants to.

That said, to answer to one of your remark, no, i didn't knew that what happened in Japan was going to happen. Nobody could know. That good ol' dear "anonymous" was saying that every day bad things happen in this world which is true of course. But does a major earthquake followed by a major tsunami followed by a nuclear catastrophe happen every day? Not sure...

Finally, about my post about Japan. First, it's true that i changed "major" for "minor" and i did it because the news that i had (coming from people who were there and supposedly were in a better position than me in France to know what was the real situation in Japan) had changed so i did the change to reflect something closer to what was finally the reality. I also talked about the risk of a nuclear cloud because this was a potential risk in this kind of situation (and there was one, finally, who've been through the Pacific and came even over France and Europe but with a very low radioactivity inside it). Also, please note that the situation at Fukhusima is far to be resolved so we'll talk again about this when everything will be for real out of danger, which i wish, of course.

Lastly, i have a good news for those of you who don't like my extremely rare non-Disney topics as there is an easy way to avoid them: don't read them! I will not blame you for that and, considering that they are very rare, you shouldn't find yourself too often in this cornelian situation "hmmm, do i read this post or not?.

Teevtee said...

Well Alain you are certainly correct that I do not need to read the off topic posts.

I think we will disagree a bit on how you handled the Tokyo situation with your coverage but I certainly do agree with you in wishing them well. It makes me sad and worried for them and I truly hope it can work out as well as possible for both the parks but moreso for the country as a whole.

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad you kept the site going. I think there is something to astrology. For those that say "everyday there is something bad happening in the world" - you have to recognize that what is going on now is extraordinary. We have had a historic earthquake and tsunami. We had one or more nuclear reactors in meltdown. We have revolution and war in the middle-east, nations in Europe on the brink of economic collapse and a global economy that requires 10's of trillions of new "stimulus" to keep from collapsing. These times are not "run of the mill".

Anonymous said...

I am shocked! I really liked all of your entrys but this one is just a very bad joke! I always had big respect for you and trusted you, but because of this I don't know if you really know what you are talking about! Please don't do these articles!

Alain Littaye said...

Don't be schocked, i am not going to do astrological articles every week, and you still can believe what i'm saying.
And about astrology it's not a matter of "believe", it's simply a matter of observation. That's how you see if there is something true in it or not. I wish there would be no cosmic influence in what's happening in our lives but i can't help it if it's the case.

Mr. Lincoln said...

I don't know much of about Astrology to be honest with you, but Just a quick and very honest question...

You used a lot of personified adjectives in the post. For example "Jupiter - quite a protective planet normally." Who, when, and how was it discovered or determined that Jupiter is "Protective."

You mentioned in one of your replies above that it is a matter of observation so I was curious in that instance in regard to Jupiter being protective.

Alain Littaye said...

To Mr Lincoln: Actually, it's not me who have decided that Jupiter has a protective effect, and of course it's not the astronomers too.

To make a long story short, this is coming from studies and observations that astrologers did among dozens of years. Jupiter brings also luck, optimism, fame and conqueror spirit. Walt Disney, by the way, was a brilliant Jupiterian. He was born Dec 5, 1901, under the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the "master" of the Sagittarius sign and the least we can say is that Walt received all existing awards in his life. Not to mention fame and conqueror spirit. It's interesting to note that Jupiter is also linked to parks, shows, decoration, etc... and that Walt invented the theme "park" concept.

All sagittarius don't become as famous as Walt was, of course, as it depends also on other aspects of the astral theme, but having a good aspect of Jupiter in his sign is always welcome although too much Jupiterian optimism can create dangerous wishful thinking...

Finally, a friend astrologer notified me that the same alignment of seven planet in Aries ( that i was talking about in the article ) will happen again on April 22, another date, so, to keep in mind with also the quadrature Mars - Pluto on April 11 and the opposite Mars - Saturn on April 18. The good thing with Mars transits is that they don't last long - not like Saturn transits which can last weeks or months. With Mars, the tension is generally for one day or two and then it's over.