Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cars 2 celebrates the Royal Wedding !

While i was in London, Pixar - who obviously have a perfect sense of timing - released these new Cars 2 artworks related with Cars 2 London sequence. And because it was the week-end of the Royal Wedding, most of the artwork is related to London areas between Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. The first artwork below shows Buckingham Palace regal "Knighting Room".

In Cars the famous Mall - where 100.000 of people were waiting last Friday for William and Kate - is transformed in a racetrack ...

In this next artwork Mater, Lightning McQueen and Topper Deckington III are stucked in a London traffic jam.

Even Big Ben - renamed Big Bentley - and the Houses of Parliament have a special Cars 2 treatment!

Pixar also released the Queen Cars character turning table video...

Finally, here is a special Cars 2 trailer with London sequences and here it is below!

Pictures and video: copyright Pixar


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get quite annoyed with this ridiculing of British institutions.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

What are you talking about, this movie marketing is great! Funny and clever... Don't take things too seriously, especially these outdated institutions.