Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two New Star Tours 2 Full Ride Videos - Hoth / Death Star, Kashyyyk / Coruscant Sequences !

Just posted on the D&M Star Tours 2 section two new ST 2 "full ride" videos - with also some footage showing the pre-show. The first one is showing a different beginning than the other full ride video embedded two days ago in a previous article - here it's the Storm Troopers beginning instead of the Darth Vader one. The first destination" is also Hoth but the second destination is different - it's the Death Star sequence with the Boba Fett chase - and the ending is different too. We also see more shots of R2D2 as Starspeeder pilot! And the second one is showing the Kashyyyk and Coruscant sequences with another different ending!

Both are of course giant spoilers but if you want to watch them, jump HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney-Lucas Film Ltd

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