Saturday, May 28, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore Grand Opening Celebration !

It should have happened one year ago but it happened finally: Universal Studios Singapore had today its Grand Opening celebration! After one year with many problems all rides are now working, including the Madagascar flume ride - see a new full ride video below - and later this year the highly awaited Transformers ride.

Talking about the Transformers ride Universal announced this week that the new attraction based on the 1.6 billion dollar Transformers movie franchise will be a simulator attraction, with cars travelling for a quarter of a mile, and rising 60ft in the air. The ride will last for five minutes, and 20-30 minutes of story telling will be built into the queueing time, similar to the way it is done at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Orlando.

Another good news as it was announced today that three more brand new attractions will open in 2013 at Universal Singapore, and two of the three attractions will be unique for the park! Now as you might want to have a look at the grand opening here is the video of it filmed in HD by the Sentosa Blog.

As usual in this kind of Grand Opening celebration many celebrities were invited including Jet Li, Paula Abdul, Maggie Cheung, Fantasia Barrino and Vicki Zhao Wei Lead and the Sentosa Blog have more exclusive videos of them so jump to his site to have a look!

You can also see a photo report od USS Grand Openin on Dejiki Nicholas web site HERE.

The Sentosa Blog also filmed this new video of the Madagascar flume ride which seems to me to have a better filming than the previous one i have posted one week ago. have a look!

The Transformers ride is definitely the next interesting attraction to open this year and i'll keep you informed of its opening! In the meantime if you missed my previous grand pictorial report about the park, jump HERE!

All videos: copyright Sentosa Blog.

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