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D23 Expo Carousel of Projects - Pictorial report by Andy Castro

That's it, the D23 Expo is now officially open and just like two years ago Andy Castro kindly provided D&M some great shots. Note that most of the pictures below were shot during the press event which happened thursday evening, that's the reason why there is no crowds on the pictures below, but for sure there will be a lot of fans during all week-end. Today, we'll have a look to what Disney fans awaited the most, the Disney Parks Carousel of Projects area. Please note that this article will be updated as soon as i receive new pictures from Andy.

Edited Saturday morning with the Carousel of Projects pre-show video! Scroll down to watch the video!

The two first pictures show the outside of the Anaheim convention center and the entrance of D23.

This next one show the entrance of the Disney Parks area.

On the previous D23 Expo the Disney Parks area had a pre-show before guests go through the "magic curtain" and enter the main room. This time there is also a great pre-show, with a movie which last five minutes on a 189 degrees screen, and it's a fantastic nostalgic tribute to all Imagineering projects since the opening of Disneyland. Then, Tinkerbell send some pixie dust and just like last time the magic curtain open to the Imagineering area. Here are some screen shots of the movie and hopefully i'll embed a video of it very soon.

After the Disneyland nostalgia, the movie shows WDW history and all other theme parks built since the Magic Kingdom including Epcot, Tokyo Disneyland, Disney-Mgm, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, etc...

The magic curtain then open on the left of the screen and guests enter the Disney Parks area, with in front of them a giant replica of the front of the new Disney Fantasy ship, launching in 2012.

This pre-show was designed by Imagineer Tom Morris - Tom was the show producer on DLP's castle and Fantasyland and on Hong Kong Disneyland - and personally i absolutely love this Carousel of Projects pre-show! Everything in this pre-show - and i mean really everything - is perfectly set, i also loved the choice of the sounds, the way the voice who introduces and close the show sounds like the one in the 1960's, the music, etc… It's a wonder of nostalgia and you can feel it was done with spirit and heart! To check all this here is a video of the full pre-show filmed by GJMOON. Of course, if you're planning to go at D23 this week-end, don't watch it now!

Edited: Note that the video below is a newly embedded video showing better the 180 degrees Carousel of Projects screen.

Right on the left when guests exit this pre-show, a selection of WDI renderings of upcoming attractions. Note that in this new D23 edition WDI decided to display more props and models than artwork, so these are basically the only one you'll see.

Right after the artworks is the highly detailed WDW New Fantasyland model...

Next picture is a view of Seven Dwarfs Mine ride, with Little Mermaid's Eric castle and Beast castle in the background.

On the next pictures, a closer shot of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train model with Dwarfs cottage.

A real size Seven Dwarf train wagon was also on display near New Fantasyland model. You can see the virtual ride video in the Tom Staggs Presentation HERE.

Behind the Seven Dwarfs coaster WDW guests will find Ariel's Undersea Adventure and the architecture of Eric Castle.

On the next shot the rockwork on the center right will be Ariel's Grotto.

And right in front of it the merchandise shops of the attraction.

Beast Castle, up on the hill...

...and one of the cottages of Belle's Village.

A closer view on the new Dumbo ride, Great Goofini coaster and Story Book Circus area.

Here is a great video showing the model filmed by Jeff Lange. By the way, i remind you that Jeff is always doing great Dvd's of Disney Parks that you can find on his site HERE.

Next, was the Disney's California Adventure model. We'll begin by the part showing the entrance and Buena Vista Street with the Red Tram.

Next is the Carthay Theater and the new little fountain in the middle of the plaza.

A bigger model of the Carthay Theater was also display at Carousel of Projects.

D23 guests also attend a special DCA panel with WDI Imagineers talking about the future Buena Vista Street, and here is the full video of it, in three parts, filmed by thebugger2000.

Nearby, some Cars Land vehicles were there in real size, like Red...

...the Radiator Springs Racer car...

...and the one of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

Here is a video of Red, the Fire Engine shot by Andy.

Close to them, on a large screen, some panoramic great pictures of Cars Land...

...and a video of it, always shot by Andy.

If you haven't watched it yet, i strongly recommend that you have a look at the Cars Land preview panel with John Lasseter and WDI Imagineers Roger Gould, Kathy Mangum, Kevin Rafferty, Jennifer Mok and David Fisher. Here is the full video of it, in three parts, filmed by thebugger2000.

Last but not least, plenty of D23 guests enjoyed the great Destini, a small Audio-Animatronic reading in your future! Here is an excellent video of Destini also filmed by thebugger2000.

A model of Shanghaî Disneyland was also presented at Carousel of Projects and i will do a special article about it very soon.

All pictures: copyright Andy Castro. I remind you that you can find weekly Disneyland Resort reports by Andy Castro on Mice Age each monday!

Videos: copyright Disney or Andy Castro, or 1screamvideos, or thebugger2000, or Jeff Lange.

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TokyoMagic! said...

A big thank you to Andy Castro for sharing his pics and video with us....and to you, Alain for posting them! Looking forward to seeing more from D23!

Anonymous said...

D23 proves that Disney should build a permanent attraction on a grander scale like the Disney Archives,where guests can enjoy all the Artifacts, Sets, Costumes,and Props from Disney's past winners and losers. In Disney California's Studio, it could be divided up just as Disneylands are with Mainstreet, Fantasy, Adventure,Fronteir,and Tomorrowlands. Have a place to display those pieces of Disney history before they are lost to management storage cuts like the Disney Studio Props Department. PD