Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland new lands video update

Here is a new Hong Kong Disneyland video update of the works on the three new lands, thanks to the always good michael20183. Toy Story Land is always scheduled to open in November but what is interesting on the video is that there is much more to see on the two others lands, specially on Grizzly Trail where you can now clearly see the different tunnels of the coaster as well as the western town. The main buildings of Mystic Point are also almost finished although not already painted. Considering that they are now planting trees to avoid the works to be watched from the HKDL railroad this might be one of the last video update in which we can see the construction quite clearly...

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Video: copyright michael20183

Pictures: copyright Disney

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Brian said...

Toy Story Playland was such a mistake. Its going to clash once everything is open.