Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Disneyland Paris Update : Princess Pavilion is Now Open in Fantasyland !

There is something new at Disneyland Paris, and it is the Princess Pavilion which is now open. Considering that the Ratatouille dark ride is delayed and probably will not open until fall 2013 or 2014 anything new at DLP is welcome! Talking about delay - and to answer a question from one of my readers in the previous DLP update comments - the rehab of Pirates of Caribbean with Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics and others special effects is apparently also delayed and should not open next year. The good news is that it is not cancelled and Jack Sparrow AAs might be introduced at POTC in 2013.

As this Princess Pavilion - with the new Meet Mickey in Fantasyland - might be the only things really new for 2012 - not to forget others 20th Anniversary celebrations like a new night show with never-seen-before visual effects - let's have a look at this new Fantasyland addition in details.

The opening happened October 8 at 9.30 and as i couldn't attend the event all the pictures of this article were shot by Dash, a good fellow from Disney Central Plaza forum. The opening began with Thibault, a DLP cast member who arrived dressed with a 17th century costume to announce the opening of this new "royal pavilion" in Fantasyland - picture on top. He then announced the arrival of Sirs Régis Alart et Osvaldo del Mistero and that four royal guests will arrive shortly...

The first one was Snow White...

Then arrived Aurora, Cinderella and Tiana...

Régis et Osvaldo invited then two young girls dressed as princesses to join the official ceremony...

And it was time for the first guests to enter the new Princess Pavilion...

...through the left door as the one on the right is reserved for "court members only".

At the end of the first hallway is a "Royal Proclamation" on which is written: "The Royal Highness will be pleased to greet and welcome today guests of the Magic Kingdom"...

The decor inside is quite sophisticated and to be honest pretty well themed. All along this queue decor DLP guests can see a medieval theming with stone columns and draperies with in each alcove some brilliantly lighted iconic items related to each princess, and right behind them, beautiful stained glass windows showing the castle of each princess.

You'll note also some great details like the birds from Sleeping Beauty - picture below - or the symbol of their royalty, here a crown.

Let's have a closer look to each stained glass window and each crystal item. The first one below shows Snow White castle at sunset and the crystal item is an apple. There is also a quote from the movie written under each crystal item.

Next is Beast Castle with a stained glass window directly inspired from the painting one can see in the movie opening sequence and the crystal item here is the rose of Belle.

Next is the castle of King Stefan, father of Princess Aurora with a crystal tiara.

Next castle is Agrabah Palace for Princess Jasmine and the item is, of course, the Genie lamp.

This next castle is supposed to be the one of the Enchanted Valley from famous 1947 animated cartoon Mickey and the Beanstalk.

Of course the crystal item related to Cinderella is her famous crystal shoe, and here it is.

Next castle is the one of Prince Eric in which Ariel the little mermaid will find a new home at the end of the movie and the crystal item is a shell which change of colors, a real nice lighting effect according to Dash.

Next castle is the one of Corona Kingdom in which Raiponce was born and the item is a crystal flower as the flower gave to Raiponce her hair and powers.

The last stained glass window show Sleeping Beauty Castle and next to it is Snow White magic mirror. Unfortunately DLP thought that the effect was bringing a mood a bit too dark and apparently this will be changed. Let's hope they'll keep this magic mirror anyway...

Then it's time for the meeting with one of the princesses. Once you arrive at the end of the queue some heavy wooden doors are opening and you enter the Princess private area where there is two alcoves - one for each princess - with stone arch, draperies and a different background for each alcoves. It's important to note that, although there is two princesses, each in their own private alcove, young boys and girls can meet only one of them. A DLP photographer is there to shoot the picture. He will shoot one with his camera and another with the guests camera if they have one and ask him to do it.

Apparently princesses also agree to sign children's signature book.

Then arrive the awaited moment - not for you, for DLP! - when guests can buy the photograph...

A nice idea awaits guests when they exit the pavilion as each picture is display for a few moments in a frame and this will give little girls the feeling that they're now part of the Princess Pavilion - no irony, here.

One last detail with the exit sign designed like a scroll.

For sure it's more a sophisticated photo location than an attraction but to be fair i think they did a real good job on this one and i'm pretty sure that young girls will love it. A last info about the waiting time: so far the wait for this new Princess Pavilion was between 20 to 40 minutes. Now, i suppose you'll be pleased to see all this on video so here is a good one shot by filipv during this opening.

See you soon for a new DLP update!

Pictures by Dash: copyright DCP Forum

Video: copyright filipv - dlrp fans.be


Anonymous said...

What do you do if you have a daughter who wants to meet a Disney Prince? Will they have some days for the Prince's? The French presentation makes it very elegant. I wondered if the piano soundtrack on the video was a part of the show? Perhaps done on a harpsicord or harp would be more period or elegant as well. Rusty

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. To deliberately not install the Jack-in-search-for-treasure overlay must be the best decision EuroDisney has made in 10 years IMO.

The meet-and-greet seems elaborately done. I guess it fills a need. Its location seems oddly far away from the castle walls though, doesn't it?