Friday, October 21, 2011

NEW ! Stunning HKDL Wallpapers HD App now available on the iTunes Appstore !

5/24/2012 : Important Editor's Note about the HKDL and TDS Iphone - iPad Apps: We have a problem since 10 days on four of my iPhone - iPad applications, including the one about HKDL and TDS. I noticed the problem only last monday when i received some mails from customer who have bought the apps. What happened is that the server of the programmers who did the program of the apps had crashed. They are trying to put in place a new one and we hope to have it working by the end of the month. When i learned about this i was not happy, of course, and all the apps created with them are for now not anymore on sale on the iTunes Appstore until the problem will be resolved. I will post a message here to let everyone know when it will be working fine again. Again, deeply sorry about this problem and hope everything will be fine soon. If not, everyone who have bought the app since May 1st will of course get a refund. Thanks for your comprehension and patience.
Note : Below, the presentation of the HKDL Wallpapers App. For the TDS Wallpapers App presentation click HERE.

Here is something great today for all of you who own an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch. After the success of the TDS Wallpapers application - that you still can find on the iTunes Appstore HERE - here is a new wallpaper app and this one is all about Hong Kong Disneyland! It is called HKDL Wallpapers HD, it is now available for download on the iTunes Appstore, and each picture will look gorgeous on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as they have been enhanced for the Retina Display screen.

And, double good news, there is almost twice the number of pictures that was in the TDS Wallpapers app! There is 206 stunning pictures in the new HKDL app - instead of 117 in the TDS app - and the HKDL app is at the same price than the TDS app on the Appstore. The app is available whatever is the country you are living but the direct iTunes link if you live in Hong Kong is HERE, if you live in the U.S is HERE and if you live in France is HERE. If your iTunes account is in another country just enter as keyword "HKDL Wallpapers HD" in the iTunes Store search box and you'll find it instantly. Although there is 206 high-def wallpapers pictures in the HKDL app the price is still a very low price , i.e 1.49€ or $1.99 only which should be an affordable price for everyone.

So, what will you find in this HKDL app? Well, as indicated on the application menu page above you'll find gorgeous pictures of each land of the park and half of the pictures are beautiful HDR pictures! Not to mention dozens of fantastic night shots of each land, a special "How to go" section, the possibility to choose your favorites, a direct link to Facebook, and more... all this with a very friendly user interface!

Main Street U.S.A is beautiful whether it is day or night and you'll find plenty of great Main Street shots by daylight in the app but as we know it's at sunset that Main street becomes magical and here is two examples of night shots.

Adventureland at HKDL is probably the biggest Adventureland ever built in a Magic Kingdom and the app pays tribute to the Imagineers wonderful work. Below two examples of pictures of the Tarzan Treehouse and Jungle Cruise Boarding.

The Fantasyland section includes of course great shots of HKDL Sleeping Beauty castle, whether it is by day - picture below - or by night like the picture on the top, but also closer shots on beautiful details of the land. Any of them will make a great wallpaper on your iDevice.

There is even a special section of HKDL fantastic and new It's a Small World ride as it is the best version i've seen of the ride with the one, totally different, at DLP. In fact, i never thought it was possible to create a such different version of this ride!

Tomorrowland fans will be in heaven with the Tomorrowland section of the app. Not only it includes fantastic day shots but also incredible night shots of the land - and we know that Tomorrowland is always gorgeous at night, don't we?

These are small examples of the 206 pictures include in the app and here is the app Features:

1. NEW user interface. Categorized Wallpapers. Ability to sort the wallpapers by land.
2. Optimized wallpapers for each iOS devices. Fast wallpaper download.
3. HD Pictures designed to take full advantage of the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch retina screen! Looks gorgeous on the iPhone and iPad screen!
4. Ability to save each picture to enjoy them offline
5. Save your favorite pictures in the favorite section
6. Ability to zoom in each picture. Simple swipe to advance / revisit the pictures
7. Share with your friends on Facebook!

HKDL Wallpapers HD is also a GREAT app for those who are planning to visit the park!

The app is now available on the iTunes Appstore, just enter as keyword "HKDL Wallpapers HD" in the iTunes Store search box to find it instantly. Hope you will enjoy the app!

All Pictures: copyright Park Lane editions Ltd


Anonymous said...

Just bought it! beautiful pictures, Alain. :D

Usemeplz said...

OMG! There are so many winderfulplaces in the world! It's amazing, I'm impressed!Thanks for photos!

Ron Vance said...

Are you planning on making "Android" versions of the wallpapers?

Alain Littaye said...

I would be pleased to do so but so far the answer is: no.
The reason is simply technical, iOS and Android are two different system and my programmers are specialized in iOS apps and simply don't know how to do it for Android. That said, if i find someone who can do it in the future, i'll be pleased that an Android version of the app exist.

Anonymous said...

Disneyland Paris next please!