Monday, November 7, 2011

HKDL Update : Toy Story Land Exclusive Report - Part Two

Here is the part two of the exclusive report on HKDL Toy Story Land. And just like in the part one - that you can read HERE - we will also have a look at what is new in this HKDL version. For each picture showing something that doesn't exist at the WDS version i will put a big "NEW" in the caption.

Let's begin with the parachute Drop ride. Most if not everything here is similar to the Walt Disney Studios version.

From the top you have of course a great view on Toy Story Land but also on the jungle of the Jungle Cruise, and in the back on the It's a Small World building and even Space Mountain structure.

The Green Army Men also appear at the WDS but here, at HKDL, the little show is apparently more interactive with the audience and young kids.

Let's move to something totally NEW, Andy's Engine where HKDL guests can find Toy Story Land inspired gifts.

Also NEW this little area to have some rest or eat, obviously inspired by the famous Mondrian style and colors.

Other colorful elements can be find in the Slinky Dog Spin cast member shelter or the TSL trash cans.

Let's move to RC Racer, now. Just like at the WDS TSL before they removed it because minor accidents were happening to young kids climbing on it, there is a RC Racer but i wonder if HKDL kids can get close to this one...

Inside RC Racer the queue theming looks quite similar to the WDS TSL version but some of the murals seems to be different.

This themed backstage door is NEW and as you can see the blue barrel is close to it.

Also NEW this wall of letters - at least in the way it's designed here - as well as this giant Game of Cootie mural.

And close to this are the Toy Story Land colorful restrooms which are NEW and even a "double new" element as there is no restrooms inside the WDS Toy Story Land!

To announce the new land the park released a nice TV commercial of Toy Story Land and the Christmas lighting decoration. Here is the video which was produced by PIXAR.

We will end with these pictures of the other exit/entrance of HKDL Toy Story Land which is closed for now ...and won't open before 2013 as it is the one which will lead to Mystic Point and the awaited Mystic Manor attraction. Next week, in a new article, i will give you a new update about Mystic Manor latest news and changes, don't miss it!

All Pictures: copyright Disney and more

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Anonymous said...

With all the 50's toys that i grew up with in this new park, I was thinking that they really need a large 1956 Disney Pluto Clock to give the guests a sense of time as its animated tongue and eyes move up and down and glow at night. Other lands have clocks that give guests time such as Small World and Mainstreet. Rusty

Mark said...

Even though I do not like the overall idea, the execution here looks much better than in Paris.