Monday, November 7, 2011

HKDL Update : Toy Story Land - First Videos

Toy Story Land will open at Hong Kong Disneyland in ten days but, thanks to soft openings, the first videos begin to appear on Youtube. As you will see the rides are so perfectly similar to the ones at DLP WDS that, if the cameras were not showing a larger view of the land, it would be impossible to say in which park you are. Let's have a look anyway, and the two first videos show the Parachute Drop in which you can also see in the background a bit of the works on the other lands opening next year and in 2013 .

This next one shows a bit of each of the three Toy Story Land rides, and it seems that the young chinese who filmed it had a lot of fun.

Another onride video, showing the Slinky Dog Spin ride.

And last but not least, this next video had an editing with iMovie a bit more professional and looks like a trailer for the new land.

All my thanks to michael20183, TheLCCAPP, gilbert23059 and porcupine666.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I m now in hkdl tsl, the land looks nicer than dip one, people there are fall in love with these three new ugly attractions. But it seems will bring more guests and money to hkdl.

Keith lee