Monday, March 12, 2012

Disneyland Paris 20th Ann Update

Disneyland Paris 20th will start April 1st and here is some news about it. First, DLP released the new 20th visual that you can see above as well as a new ad that i've embedded below which includes some new shots of Peter pan standing in front of Big Ben and then swashbuckling with Captain Hook over DLP castle. I remind you that Peter Pan will be a key character in the Disney Dreams fountains and lasers show that Steven Davison is currently finalizing each night at DLP.

The same Peter Pan is on the front cover of the beautiful press release that DLP has began to sent as you will see on the pictures below shot by Gldsun and that i've slightly enhanced.

DLP 20th will also introduce a new parade - well, actually it will include a mix of floats from the previous parade as well as brand new floats - and this new Disney Magic on Parade will have a new song called "Magic Everywhere" that you can hear on the video below, also showing some renderings for this new parade.

But the major event of DLP 20th anniversary will definitely be the highly awaited Disney Dreams! fountain show and the first images begin to appear on forums. They're not perfectly sharp mainly because they were shot far from the castle but as you will see they're interesting. The first one shot by Jeremy from Disney Central Plaza forum shows how high will go the fountains - click on the picture to enlarge it - and as you can see they are almost as high as the castle which is pretty remarkable considering that they're using only water from the castle moats...

The next one coming from Disney worldglobe is also interesting as it shows what will happen almost at the very start of the show when Sleeping Beauty castle will be transformed in a starry night, at the exception of "the second star to the right", an effect using one of the stained glass window at the top of the castle.

Looking at how high will go the fountains means one thing: the best place to watch the Disney Dreams show will probably be not too close to the castle but, let's say, more in the center of Central Plaza. Just remember this if you come at DLP this year when you'll watch the show!

I'll see you soon for a new DLP 20th update but in the meantime don't miss the pictures of the printing of the DLP book HERE. The printing is excellent and french or english collector copies are still available for pre-order, the price of 115 euros including shipping is still valid until March 16th, after what it will be the final price which will be a bit higher, so order your copy now, you can pay by Paypal or bank transfer and just send me your order at: and i will send you all details to proceed to the payment.

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney, Jeremy, Disney worldglobe, Gldsun

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