Monday, April 2, 2012

Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Update : Here is the final Product !

Here is a new update about the making of the Disneyland Paris book and this time it's a "video" update! And this update will interest particularly those who wants to place their order of a collector copy as well as those who have already order the book as i have received yesterday two sample bounded copies from the printer! Also, as you will read below, to celebrate DLP 20th Anniversary the book has a special offer, too.

So, the printer has sent to me last friday ago two bounded copies for a final approval before the books shipping which will happen next week and we expect an arrival of all the copies in Europe as scheduled at the very end of April. Then we will start to ship all the books to anyone who have pre-order it but i will let you know when we will be in shipping mode. Anyway, anyone placing his order now won't have too long to wait now and that's good news also for those of you who kindly placed their order some weeks ago.

I have to tell you that i am extremely satisfied of the printing and final product which is identical at the first printing ten years ago, and i think even better. So i think that everyone will love this new printing!

Now, to celebrate DLP 20Th anniversary the book price will be, during the month of April, back at the original pre-order price, i.e 100 euros and 10 euros for a shipping in France and 15 euros for a shipping in any other country. As usual you can pay with Paypal or bank wire transfer, and if you live in France with a bank check. To place your order please send an email at: and we will let you know how to proceed to the payment. Although we prefer the full order amount to be paid in one time, if you wish to pay in two times please let me know as this is possible, and it might help some of you who really want to own the book.

So, join me with this video below to discover the final product of both the english and french editions, and right under it another video will show you the whole book which might be helpful for those who have never seen it. To learn more about the book and this collector's edition, please visit the description page HERE.

Videos: copyright Neverland Editions