Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Manor Update !

Thanks to Michael20183 we have a new video update on HKDL Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Manor and this one is more interesting than ever not only because the works are going fast on these two lands but also because you'll see Imagineers at work on site.

Grizzly Gulch will be the first land to open this summer and i think we can expect the coaster ride to be in tests mode in a month or so. As you'll see on the pictures above and below and on the video new props are now in place on Grizzly Mountain and Grizzly Gulch buildings are getting painted.

As for Mystic Point which won't open before mid-2013 Mystic Manor is also partly painted and for now there are works all around the land. The reason why Mystic Manor building is painted now is because they expect to open a path between Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch to avoid to have two dead ends in this part of the park. So, HKDL guests will be able to go from one land to another even if works will still going on on Mystic Point.

You'll find more pictures on Michael's page HERE, and now it's time to watch his HKDL video update, excellent as always!

Pictures and video: copyright Michael20183

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the expansion project of HKDL extremely confusing?

I mean, first of all there was the Toy Story expansion which has already been heavily debated and labelled as totally out of place for (any) Disneyland Park. According to some it even doesn't work in WDS Paris, but I don't agree with that. I think it's a great addition to Toon Studio. But this is off subject ...

So now they are adding (next to / at the back of Adventureland) a Frontierland-themed rollercoaster, and a (beautiful!) Adventureland-themed haunted mansion ...
So you go from Adventureland to a Frontierland-themed area (with one attraction) back to an Adventureland-themed area (again with one attraction) ... to end up in a toon-themed Toy Story- area ...??? And how does this makes sense?

Wouldn't it have made a lot more sense to also give the rollercoaster an Adventureland theme? Maybe Indy-style? At least then, the whole expansion project (apart from Toy Story) would have fitted perfectly next to Adventureland.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Mystic Manor reminds me of the "museum of the weird" project, that I've seen Walt talking about in a Disneyland TV show, watching the great Walt Disney Treasures series.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I agree that Disney is making many theme confusions recently, DSP being a highlight in my opinion, and talking about Disney spoiling the theme of a place, just look at this article:

A medieval style village for meeting princesses on Main Street!? The worst idea I've ever heard for a Disney park!!!