Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Major Tim Burton Exhibit at Paris French Cinemathèque

If you're planning to come to Paris for a visit at Disneyland Paris in the next months AND if you are a Tim Burton fan - and who is not? - you might be interested to know that a major Tim Burton exhibit is now open at Paris French Cinémathèque. The exhibit which will last until August 5 takes lot of elements that were shown in 2009 New York MoMa with of course plenty of new ones shown for the first time at Paris exhibit. Tim Burton also did specially for the exhibit a short animated and here it is.

Exposition Tim Burton à la Cinémathèque... by lacinematheque

Of course visitors will see plenty of Tim great artwork and renderings done for his movies but the most impressing pieces are his creatures/sculptures created for his films or especially for this exhibit. From his first models to the sophisticated characters visitors will be able to follow the evolution of the famous macabre characters, helped by his artistic director and art director Rick Heinrichs.

Here is a special interview of Tim Burton who, as you will see below, was of course there for the exhibit opening.

Entretien exclusif avec Tim Burton by lacinematheque

French newspaper Libération also had a special preview of the exhibit and you can see their video below!

It's not over! There is more, as Tim also did a master class which was watched bu hudred of french Burton fans, some of them even came in Mad Hatter costume like the one you'll see on the picture. Right below the picture the video of the full Burton master class, in english. If you want to watch it dubbed in french please go HERE. The exhibit official page is HERE.

One more thing, and a bit of trivia as the building in which the French Cinemathèque is was designed by world famous architect and Pritzker price winner Frank Gehry. Yes, the same Frank Gehry who created the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A and the original Disney Village architecture at Disneyland Paris!

Pictures: copyright Tim Burton, Cinémathèque Française

Videos: copyright Libération, Tim Burton


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I really wish that I could go there.
I love Tim Burton's work!

Khear@Avida Cebu said...

I am pretty sure that this exhibit was successfully done. Any updates please? Thank you.