Friday, April 27, 2012

WDW Announces New Fantasyland Opening Dates, Updated Test Track Details, and more

Walt Disney World Imagineers unveiled in a presentation the opening dates of Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland as well as new artwork and details about the updated Test Track attraction. Let's start with New Fantasyland. The second part of Storybook Circus which will include the second half of the Dumbo attraction and Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station is scheduled to open in July 2012. And Journey of The Little Mermaid, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Gaston’s Tavern, and Ariel’s Grotto apparently will be open "to celebrate this holiday season", i.e around Christmas 2012. And what about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you ask? Well, for this one you'll have to wait until 2014.

Also part of the same presentation, new digital concept-arts for the updated Test Track at Epcot which will have Chevrolet as sponsor of the ride. And if the new futuristic theming that you can see on the artwork below reminds you TRON, it's may be because the updated ride will place guests inside the computer world of digital design.

Also new, an interactive queue with touch screens and displays which, according to insidethemagic who was at the presentation "will allow guests to design their own vehicles based on 4 properties: capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and power. These selections will be saved onto a card that guests will be handed, carrying with them onto the ride itself. Ultimately guests will be scored on how well their design holds up to the test track inside".

The ride itself will be the same "but all of the show scenes are being completely overhauled to represent the digital computer space in which guests will ride through. The ride will still feature a “warehouse” feel rather than individually-confined show scenes."

I have to tell you that i never liked a lot Test Track. May be i am from the old school who like animatronics and theatrical rides but when i ride it the first time i was instantly nostalgic of World of Motion. I admired the technology used in Test Track but all these vehicles tests never thrilled me a lot... BUT, if they plan to change the theming and if this one have a non-official TRON inspiration then you can count me in! Now i'm really curious to see how will look this new Test Track! Are you?

Pictures: copyright Disney


Rvd10 said...

awsome blog

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

What a lame expansion they are doing on the MK! I think that Universal is going to like it.

Do they really think that this park needs that many princess things?

And then they come to the brilliant conclusion that this expansion won't have anything for boys (and for any other public besides princess obsessed little girls), so they decide to build something for boys, and choose the most cliché attraction they could think of (a roller coaster), and brilliantly decides to base it on a princess movie, for boys!

So the only slightly interesting original attraction to be opened on the MK won't be ready before 2014- I'm certainly going to California!