Sunday, April 29, 2012

Making the Magic at Disneyland Paris

Those of you who like behind the scenes should like these two documentaries, both showing what's happening in DLP backstage. The first one is in english and was released by Channel 5 and will show you more of the making of DLP Disney dreams show as the 20th Ann Parade. Not bad at all.

The second one called "The Craftsmen of the Dream" released by french channel France 3 is all in french and part of the shots were seen in Mireille Dumas show that i've posted some weeks ago. That said, even if you don't understand french don't miss the POTC backstage sequence - which i think was not in Dumas show - at 3.30 min where you'll see DLP technicians literally undressing one of the pirates Audio-animatronics to check inside of it what's going wrong. Another AAs sequence can be seen around 16.50 min and at 22.45 min another sequence will show you the restoration of the Captain Hook ship in Adventureland.

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Videos: copyright Channel 5, France 3

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TA said...

Disneyland opened in 1955, not 1957. Why is this so hard? They got the year wrong in Jurassic Park too.