Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Disneyland Paris Book Update !

That's it, we will receive from the printer all copies of the Disneyland Paris book in a few days and starting early next week we will ship all pre-orders and the book will be available for immediate shipping! And to celebrate this, I've created a new site all dedicated to the Disneyland Paris book. It's the official web site of Neverland Editions, the company who is publishing the book and you will find there the same infos that you found before on Disney and more. The site looks quite like D&M, so you will feel at home! The url is: http://neverlandeditions.blogspot.com/ and if you forget the link in the future, come back on D&M as the book links on the top of the right column are now directly linking to the new site.

The book is always available in both english or french edition, and to make things even more simple for those of you who want to order the book there is now a "one click purchase" Paypal button available! And if you're really hurry and don't need to go through the Neverland Editions site you even have the Paypal button on the right, here, near the top of the right column - or right below.

As we know, a good news never come alone, and i am pleased to tell you that we have found a great packaging to ship the book and make sure that it will arrive in perfect condition - hey, isn't that the most important? So, not only the book will be rolled in four feet of BulPack ( plastic bubble ) but then we will put it in the same kind of box than the one that you can see below ( except that the box will be brown and not white ) with plenty of specially designed anti-shock foam inside. With the foam and rolled in the plastic bubble, and the cardboard box itself, the book should arrive in perfect condition. ( Note: the picture below coming from the seller site shows another item inside the box, not the DLP book ).

The special price on the book at 100 euros is still going on, whether it's a french or english edition and the shipping is 15 euros only whether you live in France or any other country on the planet!
All Paypal payments - if you don't use the Paypal button - must be sent to the publisher email address: neverlandeditions@gmail.com If you can't pay with Paypal, bank wire transfer are possible.

If you didn't order the book yet, this 20th anniversary year is the perfect time to do it, and i can guarantee you that you will LOVE, literally, this book!

Thanks again to all of you who pre-ordered the book for your trust and patience, this republishing wouldn't have been possible without you!

Picture: copyright Disney

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