Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arjun, The Warrior Prince, First Disney's Animated Movie from India

Arjun, The Warrior Prince is the first animated movie coming from India produced and released by Disney. I've said "produced and released" and not "created by Disney" as this 2D animated movie was done by Indian movie studio UTV in which Disney bought some shares early this year.

Arjun is the first name of a man, based on Arjuna, a legendary hero of India who is considered as the greatest archer ever and a central character in famous Hindu epic Mahabharata. Although his story is unknown in western countries you'll understand that Arjun is part of India legendary characters and the movie should be successful in India, and hopefully elsewhere, if Disney released it in other countries.

The animation itself, although not as perfect as in Disney U.S productions, is not bad and i think that this Indian animated studio might be promising for the future. Have a look and keep an eye on their future productions!

Picture and video: copyright Disney - UTV


Anonymous said...

No offense to the filmmakers (probably done on a very small budget) - but that looks horrible... Every image and camera movement cries out "computer game software"... That kind of 2D/fake 2D/3D - mix can be wonderful (Spirit), but it is always just a small step away from desaster (Sinbad, from the same studio that made Spirit...)

Anonymous said...

First I was excited that in India they still get to use the 'Walt Disney' name on their movies, unlike the 'brand Disney' stamp we get in the US (as if the studio is selling widgets).

But by the end of the trailer, when people are being sliced in half, I thought, there is NO WAY this movie should carry the Disney label. Even the new Avengers movie isn't this violent... and it's not marketed as Disney. The Pirates films aren't this graphically violent; most of the violence is off screen, is cartoony/comical, or involves mythical creatures, not people.

I hate when people say, "Walt would be ashamed...," but this is a case where I think that's apt. I'm all for the WDC creating content around the world, but I still think they need to protect the family-friendly hallmarks of the Disney brand. This movie fails that test, and use of a different branding (ala Touchstone presents A Nightmare Before Christmas) should have been considered.