Monday, May 7, 2012

First Look at Carthay Circle Theatre Private 1901

Disney released the first pictures of the inside of the exclusive 1901 club in Carthay Circle Theatre at Disney's California Adventure. Jut like the Club 33 at Disneyland "1901" will be a special lounge, in which only members of Club 33 will be authorized to enter. The name "1901" is the year Walt Disney was born and the club "will be a warm, intimate space with eclectic light fixtures, overstuffed leather chairs, and beautiful, rich touches. The lounge will be decorated with personal artwork and photographs of the animators from the early years of the Walt Disney Studios, including some with Walt Disney’s own signature".

Since years there was a long waiting list for people wishing to join the Club 33 but Disneland also announced that they will accept soon new members. just in case you wish to be a Club 33 member, i let you know that the Initiation fee - price of admission to the club - is $25000 with then annual dues of $10000! That said, having a look at the pictures above and below is free and i added some screen captures from an ABC news video, also embedded below. Don't go away as the second part of the article brings a good news for those who can't afford the Club 33 $10000 annual fee.

Always inside the Carthay Theatre will open on June 15 the Carthay Circle Restaurant, and this one will be a restaurant open to all park guests ! According to Disney "The new premier dining location will take guests back in time to opening night of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” a historic night for Walt Disney and his studio. Re-creating the excitement of that night, Carthay Circle Restaurant will immerse guests in the post-screening atmosphere – as if they are celebrating alongside Walt and Lillian Disney, themselves". The pictures below show the restaurant "still under construction but close to the way it will appear when it opens on June 15".

Pictures: copyright Disney Parks

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The lounge is very nice, but I don't know if it's worth the 10,000 annual fees. Just to add, current Club 33 members that pay around USD 3,600 a year in annual dues for the gold membership will have to upgrade their membership to a platinum one and pay USD 10,000 annual dues in order to have access to the new lounge. If they want they will have the opportunity to keep their gold membership, but won't have access to the lounge and some other benefits, and new members will have to join the Platinum anyway.

I know a gold member that have made reservations for me at the club several times, and he is very unhappy with the changes and says that it is going to be much harder to make reservations for non members now (I don't know why, didn't ask him about all the policy changes, he just told me that).

The Chartay Circle Theatre restaurant looks very nice, I just didn't like the fact that, judging by the picture, it's going to be a buffet restaurant and I really think that it should be a fancy à la carte restaurant. Maybe it will be like the Club 33, in which for lunch the first course and deserts are on the buffet, and the main course is à la carte, and for dinner the three plates are à la carte.