Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea Photo Essay by Maureen Chaffurin

Photographer Maureen Chaffurin, regular contributor to Disney and more is back from Tokyo Disney Sea and with a different look at the park considered by many as the most beautiful Disney theme park in the world! Above, the famous globe at the entrance, currently with a new photo location. Below, the TDS orchestra playing at Meditterranean harbor.

Four pictures showing American Waterfront.

A sign at Cape Cod Area.

Arriving at Port Discovery.

The Aquatopia attraction at Port Discovery.

A TDS boat entering Lost River Delta.

The new Jasmine flying carpet ride and details of Arabian Coast.

The entrance of Mermaid Lagoon.

Renaissance Fortress at sunset.

A night shot of Meditterranean Harbor Venitian canal.

American Waterfront street at night.

The great Columbia ship illuminated at night.

There is more pictures of Maureen TDS report on his web site so make the jump and go HERE.

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Pictures: copyright Maureen Chaffurin -


Dennise said...

I love boating most especially in the river. The sites are superb. Love it there.

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Brian said...

Beautiful park, seems to be quite large. Does anyone know whteher Toykio Disney has positive financial figures, just curious...

Alain Littaye said...

Oh yes, Brian, Tokyo Disney Resort is doing extremely well.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

If you build a beautiful, well done, elaborate park with top attractions and maintenance you will have a big attendance and the opposite is also true. That's not rocket science!