Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cars Land envisioned for Shanghaî Disneyland ?

Editor's Note: There is something interesting in this UT San Diego article HERE. In an interview Jim Kearns, who was the project manager on Cars Land is talking about Ornament Valley rock work and the tremendous work that it has been to create all the mountains. And then the article, quoting him, is saying: "Kearns said similar rock work is planned at Disney's next big theme park in Shanghai, China". Does this mean that a Cars Land is envisioned for Shanghaî Disneyland? Not necessarily, may be what Jim Kearns mean was that some huge rock work will happen at SDL but it could be for another attraction. I remember someone telling me that the Lost World River Rapids raft ride with Audio-Animatronics Dinosaurs should have a great and big piece of rock work, so may be Jim was talking about this one.

Talking about Audio-Animatronics, Mice Age had yesterday a great article with Audio-Animatronics genius Garner Holt talking about his work with Disney Imagineering legend Bob Gurr. It's a fascinating look at the design that goes into some of the most massive animated props to ever be placed into themed environments. After your visit on D&M have a look at the article HERE.


Anonymous said...

Where could Cars Land be placed? It not seems convenient for Adenture, fantasy or Tomorrow.
My bet is for LWR as you said.
Will there be a lot of Pixar rides inSDL? And where?


Alain Littaye said...

It's a good question, IvanJ, but honestly i don't know if there will be a lot of Pixar rides at SDL. May be a Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland, though, but it might be a different kind than the one we know.

Anonymous said...

What about the new, massive, POTC?