Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pixar's Monsters University First Teaser

Pixar released today the first teaser for the awaited Monsters University movie, to be released next year. Hmmm, i loved Monsters Inc but they will need to show me some scenes less conventional and hysterical than this university party if they want to count me in when the movie will be released. Have a look anyway, and above and below a first artwork and pictures also released today.


Anonymous said...

Cant wait for this one. Been a long dry spill.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It's still too early to say anything about this movie, but from what I'm seeing since Cars 2; what happened to the Pixar that made some of the best movies of all times (Wall.E, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, UP...).

The next movies are probably not going to be bad (I did not think that Cars 2 was bad neither), but it's certainly not the same level as before).

Pixar is becoming more like DreamWorks and less like what they used to be. They are still making good, fun animated movies, but not high quality cinema as they used to.

I really hope that it's only a small down phase.