Saturday, July 14, 2012

HKDL Grizzly Gulch Grand opening, First Pictures of Mystic Manor, and more

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Grizzly Gulch is now officially open and Hong Kong Disneyland has released a new promo video showing not only the grand opening, but also the making-of of the TV commercial and, more interesting, the first pictures of the inside of Mystic Manor!

Let's begin by Grizzly Gulch grand opening and as you will see in the video a scale was put on stage, with a supposed gold nugget on one side. Then, WDI Imagineers, HKDL CEO and Tom Staggs put one by one a weight on the other side until they reached the perfect weight and at that time a small fireworks happened and Grizzly Gulch was officially open!

The video also shows for the first time some of the decors of the highly awaited Mystic Manor ride, opening Spring 2013. You'll see on the screen captures below mural elements, props, armors, mosaics, and more. As Imagineer Mitch Gill says in the video "The guests will travel on ( in the manor ) and see wonderful artifacts from around the world. There is magic and mystery of wondering Lord Henry's collection"

The good thing is that it seems that the inside will look like a real manor... I think that Mystic Manor will really be at the height of our expectations, and i can't wait for its opening! Also, some months ago there was a rumor that the trackless LPS vehicle system - more or less similar to the one used in the TDL Winnie the Pooh ride - have been cancelled but i had the confirmation that it's not the case, which is good news.

Now, as i'm sure you're dying to see this new video, so here it is!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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