Monday, July 9, 2012

New & Beautiful Disney California Adventure Web Site

With all these attractions openings all around the world i almost missed this and i'm glad that i finally didn't as the new website specially designed for the re-opening of Disney California Adventure is simply beautiful!

And not only the visuals are gorgeous but the 3D effect done with a new technique in websites design is extremely cool. Basically, it looks like each image has multiple layers which are "moving" when you scroll down. You can have a look at the visuals below with the screen captures but of course you won't have the multi-plans effect that you have on the DCA website HERE ...on which i strongly suggest you to jump as in addition to all this you also have cool slide shows for each DCA section.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Whitney Thomas said...

Hi, The site was amazing, and so unique. Unfortunately it's no longer up.

Were each of those images their own page? The images themselves had layers I believe. It seems to me the images were longer top to bottom.

Love to find a video of it - want to knock it off for my site. Thanks for covering it!


Alain Littaye said...

Yes, each image are coming from this site that no longer exist. And yes, they hal had multiple layers, it was not that easy to do the screen captures, i remember....