Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shanghaî Disneyland Update

A little update about Shanghaî Disneyland today with an interesting info coming from the official SDL website. At last D23 Expo Tom Staggs revealed that there will be a Fantasyland boat ride which will go or start from under SDL "Enchanted Storybook Castle" before moving outside for a slow cruise in SDL Fantasyland. The very first rendering showing one of the boats was shown, is now posted on the SDL website and thanks to a closer look at the caption we can learn interesting details about this particular scene which will in fact be happening in the finale of the "Fantasyland boat ride": "In a secret chamber beneath the castle, fountains of light ( will ) leap and dance in shimmering pools, surrounding the boat with magic, music and color". This should make a nice finale.

Also, as revealed last week by Doris Woodward, senior director and producer, Shanghaî Disneyland castle "will be the biggest among Disney's castles worldwide. Instead of being home to any single princess, the castle in Shanghai will be home to all of Disney's princesses, including Snow White and Pocahontas". Good to know, but where exactly these princesses will be located in the castle? We can learn this with a look at the caption of the picture below: "In the heart of Enchanted Storybook Castle a magnificent winding staircase that leads guests on a " Once Upon a Time Adventure", featuring the Disney Princesses". In two words, it will be located in the upper floor of the castle and it is supposed to be a walk-through and not a ride. Don't know yet if each princess will be an audio-animatronic or if the whole thing will be just a Princess meet and greet...

Talking about Shanghaî Disneyland, Screamscape had a good scoop last week when he posted a SDL map which seems to be the real thing - although it's impossible to know if its the final version of the SDL project or not. Unfortunately for you - but fortunately for WDI - the picture is not sharp enough to see the attractions titles. Still, Screamscape succeeded to find interesting infos and we can see a bit more of the track of some SDL rides like this Fantasyland boat ride which will have some twist and turns like the Jungle Cruise ride have except that this one is located in the heart of Fantasyland and have a Fantasyland theme.

On the same map we can see that a Toy Story Land has been added, and that's not good news. Don't get me wrong, i don't dislike Toy Story Land, but not in a Magic Kingdom. What i specially don't like about it is the visual intrusion of the RC Racer half pipe coaster ride as well as the Parachute Drop towers. What i also don't like in TSL is that almost each time it was added to the park it was for cost reasons, to save money. It was the case of course at the WDS where a Toy Story Mania was previously envisioned exactly where TSL was finally built, and for the reasons we know about DLP they've built instead Toy Story Playland. Okay, it was also a good way for the WDS to have three new little attractions instead of one, but TSL was also costing much less money than TSM. At Hong kong Disneyland where there is a Toy Story Land too it's a bit different. Basically it seems that the HK administration wanted to add several new rides and mini lands and don't exceed a certain amount. And that's one of the reasons why the great Pirates of Caribbean land was cancelled, because the cost of it was not allowing to have others and different rides/lands. So WDI came with the Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Manor concepts and needed a third one which ended to be Toy Story Land. As i've been told a while ago that some cuts had to be done in the Shanghaî Disneyland original concept this might explain why - again for money reasons - Toy Story Land has been added. TSL is very successful everywhere it's built, that's not the problem, but i still think it doesn't have its place in a Magic Kingdom.

It's not enough clear on the SDL map to be sure but on the left of Fantasyland, behind the castle, i think that the building on the very left, close to TSL, might be the one for Peter Pan's Flight as i know the ride will be at SDL. Would WDI Imagineers have the good die ago create an "expanded" and longer version of the ride? That would be a good idea.

That said, a closer look at the Adventureland part of this SDL map reveal a huge Adventureland and what seems to be a big Pirate land too with, as we know, a new version of the POTC ride and may be, too, a POTC stunt show. Screamscape think that the pirate boats that we have seen on previous renderings located in the Adventureland lagoon might be used for this stunt show and if it's right it's not a bad idea. I don't know if you remind the free pirate stunt show which was played in front of the Treasure Island Hotel at Las vegas - in which a huge pirate ship was even sinking at the end - but if you've seen it you know that there is something good that WDI could do with a POTC stunt show located in the lagoon.

That's all for now about SDL and those of you who have never seen this Las Vegas pirate stunt show - which was not created by WDI - can discover its original version on the video below posted by gregman01.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that no Disneyland railroad will be in the park ? Even a small one like TDL ?
That would be a first for a magic kingdom park ?
What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

"including Pocahontas" - in a Fairytale castle? Jesus, can somebody stop the guys with the "Franchise, Franchise!" tattoos?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the boat ride finale will be similar to the little dancing light and water show at Disneyland's Pixie Hollow that happens periodically at night. I think it was part of Summer Nightastic.

I am betting that the Princess attraction inside the castle is going to be just like the new Princess meet and greet at Magic Kingdom or Princess Pavilion at Disneyland Paris.

Pelter Unbleat said...

That's correct. No Railroad surrounding the Park, nor a smaller version like TDL has.

Anonymous said...

I hope that I will be 100% wrong, but it looks like SDL will be a lot less impressive than everybody hoped and expected.

1) To put Pocahontas in a fairytale castle is just stupid. Both the original story and the Disney film aren't even fairytales!!!???

2) Adding TSL to a Magic Kingdom ... again just stupid. Don't get me wrong, I like TSPlayland at the WDS a lot, it's a great addition to that park. But that's NOT a Magic Kingdom park!

3) No Frontierland, no Space Mountain, no railroad ... very very sad!

Might it be possible that SDL will become a second HKDL? At the moment, it looks like it will be! Again I hope I will be wrong.

danielz6 said...

I don't understand why they rushed to build a second Chinese Disneyland when the first one is still performing below par. I think Disney execs just saw the potential of 1 billion consumers and got greedy. Personally I don't think the Chinese Parks will ever be as successfull as the us or Japan Disney or even Paris for that matter. I just don't think their culture is as open to this kind of entertainment as elsewhere. I think there's a huge difference between cultures here and I believe the Parks are at a natural disadvantage because of that. I hope Disney proves me wrong though not just cause I love Disney but because the less money Disney wastes trying to improve these Parks the more money they'll be willing to spend on the US parks.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Pocahontas and even Mulan on a fairytale princess castle is just stupid, I agree. Pocahontas is not an European princess and the native American chiefs certainly didn't live in an European romantic castle, and Mulan is not even a princess, she's a Chinese female warrior and I really don't know why Disney consider her to be a princess.

I didn't like the design of the boat also, it's too much saccharine for me.

Toy Story Mania is a TERRIBLE idea!

On the positive side I would love to see an extended and improved Peter Pan's flight. I think that it is by far the best Fantasyland dark ride concept and has a lot of potential if upgraded and improved with new technology and the Pirates land has also a lot of potential.

Let's wait and see...