Friday, July 20, 2012

" Tokyo DisneySea In Photographs " is the great TDS iBook your were waiting for

Since i've published the Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality book ten years ago i can't count all the readers who asked me to do the same kind of book about Tokyo Disney Sea. For sure i'll love to make one, but unfortunately so far it's not on the program. That said, i have a good news for you as a great ibook about TDS has just been released on the iBooks Store and so far it's the best book ever done about Tokyo Disney Sea! (two others pictorial books were published in Japan but are out of stock). It's an iBook for iPad only, so it's only for iPad owners - lucky iPad owners, in this case! 
Edited: If you don't own an iPad the iBook is now available as a PDF file HERE!

James Hilger, a really talented photographer went twice at TDS in 2011 and came back with plenty of gorgeous pictures of the park. You'll find in this iBook 132 pictures with a chapter for each land, and even one on the beautiful TDS Miracosta Hotel. And, although it is definitely a pictorial essay on Tokyo Disney Sea each chapter also have some text, so it's definitely closer to a book than was my TDS Wallpapers app which also included beautiful pictures of Tokyo Disney Sea.

Each chapter have a great opening page...

...and from that point you can either "turn" the pages just like you do in a book or access directly the page you want by choosing it at the bottom of the page.

Most of the pictures are "full page", but not always, and on other pages you'll find two or three different pics which will pop up in full screen mode just with a tap on them.

As i've said the quality of the pictures is fantastic, most of them were shot either during the famous "magic hour" or at night and James succeeded to find different angles than the one we've seen already on others TDS pictures. And the result is just beautiful, really.

As you can see on the screen captures above and below each picture have a caption but James did things intelligently and when you tap on the picture the caption will disappear, so you'll be able to enjoy each pictures in all their beauty.

This iBook is called "Tokyo DisneySea In Photographs" and you'll find it HERE on the iBooks Store for $12.99 which is a fair price for such a beautiful book on the most beautiful theme park in the world. No need to say that i strongly recommend!

Note: James TDS iBook is now on sale on the iBooks Store for each country. Please read James answer in the comments. Also, very good news for those who don't own an iPad as you can now purchase it as a PDF file HERE

Pictures: copyright James Hilger


Emilien Marghem said...

J'aimerais beaucoup l'obtenir mais malheureusement il n'est pas disponible sur le store Belgique :(

Tom said...

An iBook is stupid, but the pictures look amazing!

When they release it as a real book, please let us know :)

Alain Littaye said...

Tom, an iBook is NOT stupid, and here is why: thanks to Apple iBooks Author software - easy to use and free on the app store - now anyone can create a book and have it sold worldwide, and - important point - at minimal cost ( i'm talking here about the cost to make the book ).
There is a lot of books which wouldn't have existed before and can exist now thanks to this. If James had done his TDS book on paper, like a "normal" book, it would have cost him a lot of money (and as you know, i know what i'm talking about when i talk about books) and may be there would have been no book at all because of the printing cost.
I, too, prefer books on paper but i prefer a great iBook like this one than nothing at all, and this should makes sense, right? So, instead to consider iBooks "stupid", you should thanks the technology that help everyone to make his own book at no cost and have them available for everyone in the world just with a click. If one day you want to do a book and can't afford the printing you'll be happy that the iBook solution exist and allows you to share what you want with the rest of the world.

Alain Littaye said...

Emilien, vous êtes sur que vous avez bien regardé sur votre iPad dans l'iBooks Store, pas l'App Store?
Je vais signaler ça à James, parce que c'est effectivement idiot qu'il ne soit pas disponible worldwide et je vous tiendrais au courant. Il l'est en tout cas sur le store français à cet url:

Emilien Marghem said...

Oui je suis bien sur un iPad dans l'iBook Store... En faisant une recherche manuelle, pas de résultats trouvés. Et en cliquant sur votre lien, le fameux message "votre demande n'a pas aboutie", comme à chaque fois qu'un "article" est disponible dans un store mais pas l'autre ...
J'espère le voir arriver rapidement sur le store belge :)

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's very nice, but I would rather have your printed book about the Park Alain...

James Hilger said...

HI everybody,

Thanks for all the comments!

I too would love a printed version of this book as well, but as Alain can tell you a printed book comes with many hurdles and potential expense. I'm focusing on digital distribution right now, but I'm exploring ways to perhaps offer a printed version of this book that is not too expensive in the future. I can tell you that if a printed version does happen it will be much more expensive than the digital version. However, if I can make it happen, I will.

I've just added the iBook to a slew of countries on iTunes, so it should be available in your country's iTunes store right now.

A PDF version is forthcoming for those who don't own an iPad: I'll be sure to let Alain know when that is released.


- James (Author of "Tokyo DisneySea in Photographs")

Tom said...

Alain, I understand what you're saying, but to me an iBook still is no book. It's something with pictures and text on a computerscreen and that's not nearly as nice as a real book.

But again, I understand what you're saying, the pictures look great, so everyone who like these kind of things, go buy this "book"... ;)

Zarniwoop said...

Not available in my Apple Store... But summer greetz from Finland.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any updates on a version for non iPad users?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, the TDS iBook of James is now also available for purchase in PDF at this link:

LOT of great and beautiful pictures, buy it, you won't be disappointed !