Friday, August 17, 2012

New Sesame Street Ride Will Open at Universal Studios Singapore This Fall

A brand new attraction is coming at Universal Studios Singapore, it will open in less than four months from now and it will be a "Sesame Street" attraction! Located inside the Stage 28 of the New York Street area it is rumored to be a ride with an overhead track, i.e with a vehicle suspended under the track like in Peter Pan's Flight or E.T Adventure... which, in 2007, was still envisioned to be part of USS, precisely in this location.

So, exit E.T and welcome to this brand new Sesame Street ride. It will be interesting to see how good it is as i have the feeling that Universal might bring it, after Singapore, in other Universal Studios theme parks, just like they did with the Transformers ride. As a friend of mine told me "They're really smart at Universal to create a ride on Sesame Street, Disney might have the rights on the Muppets but the Muppets are less on TV when Sesame Street - which was also created by Jim Henson - still can be watched on TV all around the world!" Personally, i won't be surprised if this Sesame Street ride will come next to Universal Studios Osaka and may be then to Universal Orlando.

But for now let's see if we can learn a bit more about the storyline itself. Two weeks ago a big construction wall - picture above - appeared, partly to hide the future entrance and the works behind but also to let USS guests know about this upcoming attraction opening this fall. But there is more hidden in this big artwork as there are plenty of clues - about the ride storyline - hidden here and there as revealed by USS marketing to Screamscape last week. So, let's have a closer look at it!

Now, let's get closer to see these clues and as you will see it's seems that the storyline will not only involved Elmo - Sesame Street famous character - but also Super Grover and some "missing spaghettis" abducted to outer space! Here is what i suggest: i let you have a look at these different fun clues and you let me know in the comments what you think the storyline of the ride might be, okay? So let's go and feel free to enlarge each picture to read well what is written.

Now, to make sure that Universal Studios Singapore guests know that this Sesame Street ride is coming they can find already Sesame Street merchandise all around the NY street area.

The Brown Derby shop, designed like a hat - and originally selling hats - has been completely re-themed and is now selling exclusive Sesame Street merchandise as you can see below.

As you've seen, at least on a merchandise point of view, everything is ready for the opening of the attraction. The ride is expected to open before the end of the year - some are saying on October 21 as we can see this date repeated on some of the clues - and you can count on me to give you fresh news about this new attraction as soon as available! In the meantime check the new theme parks updates on Disney and more front page HERE.


Luke said...

Hello! Thanks for this great update!
I live in Singapore and I have been following the construction of this ride.
I haven't got the chance to take a close look at the construction wall, so I am really glad that someone has posted these photos!!!

I do notice many clues. The most obvious one is the missing spaghetti!
The ride's story may center on getting the spaghetti back. And I do notice that there is one poster hiring thieves to steal pasta, thus I suspect that the ride will have two parallel storylines? One for heroes and one for villains?
That is probably not true... :)

As for the opening date, I do notice that the newspaper is published on Oct 21. However, the park will be having Halloween Horror Nights 2 around that time so I don't think the ride will be open then.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I don't know about other countries, but at least in Brazil I've never seen Sesame Street on television, and I'm 28. Children here don't even know what Sesame Street is.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it is a ride like you are guessing and not the 3D show Sesame Street Lights, Cameras, Magic! at Universal Studios Japan.

Sesame Street really fits in with New York considering it takes place in a city and the show is filmed in New York. Good fit Universal Creative.

A family dark ride will really be appreciated.

I do not think the ride will be coming to the US but I hope I am wrong. Busch Gardens and Sea World have the rights to use these characters and have minilands in all their parks.

Hopefully it turns out to be good.

Anonymous said...

the ride will never make it stateside because univiversal does not own the rights for theme parks over here, busch does and they have several seasame street attractions already, just like cedair fair has snoopy but univeral studios japan has snoopy attractions

Anonymous said...

The "Me Want Cookie" hut is so darn cute! Love it!

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This dark ride will be similar to Disneyland's Peter Pan's Flight. Animatronics, hanging cars, sights and smells, and does anyone notice the bowl of Spaghetti looks like Barkley the Dog! Sesame Street fans will know who that is.