Saturday, December 29, 2012

Disneyland Paris Best Wishes - Extended 20th Anniversary E-Card

Disneyland Paris is sending you its best wishes for the new year and just like last year they are doing it electronically with the video below. Wait... you think you saw this one before? Yep, you did, and it's the same one they used early this year for DLP 20th. And by the way, may be someone should tell them that the Lion King sequence is include in DCA World of color and not DLP Disney Dreams show (!) That said we're very happy to hear that the 20th Anniversary will be extended next year - and so will be the Disney Dreams show. Not a major surprise as they do an "extension" at each big anniversary, but in this case it's very welcome.

Will there be any new attraction this year, prior to the 2014 Ratatouille opening? Not really... They're talking about doing - at last - the POTC update with the Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics and other effects, but to tell the truth i will believe it when i will see it...  they've been they talking about doing it since too long. But who knows, may be this year will be the one!

Video: copyright Disney


Mike said...

Well, I am not THAT happy about.

We travel to DLP since 18 Years, since several years we celebrate our Christmas there - it was always what we call "Kitscht as Kitsch can" ("Kitsch" ist a german impression for .. hmmm … "overpretty") - but this year? It was all realy dark, not much light, hundrets of bulbs at the mainstreat are out of order, the most gaslights didn't work … the list of dissapointmens is endless. Three days later we strandet by surprise in Phantasialand in Germany, a FunPark with much less place and money than DLP - and find, what we expect in DLP: A proffessional Christmas Ambience.

We had Annual-Passes several times the last years - again since May last year - and the benefits besides the "normal" stuff is dramatically reduced this year. We didn't even get the Envie de Plus on paper or any Information via E-Mail (besides Advertises for Merchandise), even after we talked about that several times to the Passportbureau - we are at least just completely ignoried, when we didn't stand right nearby.

And the Firework? We had seen several Fireworks in the years and this one is realy the Version with a big lack of creativity, the didnt even play with the structure of the Castle, they just use it as a big canvas … and the Disneychoreographs definantely didn't know anything to do with the Waterfontains - beside using them as an extension for the castle to get a bigger canvas -.-

Halloween? Someone find the right words for it

The whole park feels like that the 20th anniversary suck up all the money, they have and they ignoring and reducing anything else … well, to be true - it feels more and more, that DLP is the dead end of all Disneyparks.

We will be very happy when the 20th anniversary-nonsense finally ends.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alain

On the subject of the POTC upgrade I think they might be doing something as it is already scheduled to be closed for most of January and all of February. This seem a little long for general maintenance even if POTC does really need some care. What do you think?

Alain Littaye said...

I think, Anonymous, that i will try to know more early next year about this POTC "maintenance" and will let you know!