Friday, December 28, 2012

Wall-E , The Extraordinar-e Adventure Ride Concept

No, "Imagineer John" is not a WDI Imagineer ( as far as i know ) but there is no doubt that he would love to be one. Most of all, Imagineer John is a talented ride designer creating ride concepts in RCT3. This "Wall-e The Extraordinar-e Adventure" ride concept is the latest installment from Imagineer John, Wall-e being one of his favorite characters. This attraction concept pays tribute to the Pixar movie and riders "would be immersed into an all new epic experience". 

Something important to know to understand the "camera" moves in the video below: the attraction, as Imagineer John envisioned it will use a robotic controlled arm vehicle called "Carr-e", probably more or less similar to the Kuka robot arm used in the Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando. Imagineer John would like the ride to be located at WDW Epcot center, which indeed might fit well for a Wall-E ride.

That said, this is just a brilliant ride concept done by a talented fan and not a WDI concept. But who knows, if WDI Imagineers don't have their own Wall-E ride concept - which remains to be prove - they might like the one of Imagineer John! Have a look at this "extraodinar-e adventure" and watch it full screen! By the way, open also your ears as he did also a very nice job on the sound!

Picture: copyright Disney - Pixar

Video: copyright Imagineer John


Oliver said...

The video is not available in Germany... :(

MLMcCoy/EXP said...

Great Concept~! Just thoughts: Where is the sand storm? And Why can't it have a projection 120/360ish dome for that to segue/transition into the darker areas? Then Being in WALL-E's box/Place would make sense. Heading into space & the Rocket ship to the Cruise Ship.. ect would too.. "Plus-It"

Sebastiaan said...

Great Concept! Love the use of the HPatFJ tchnology. Wondering the smae thin g about the projections as MLMcCoy is saying. And how does this ride system compare with the new system used in Rattatouille in WDS

Anonymous said...

Great job! That was brilliant and more fun to watch than most of the Epcot rides are to ride. May your dreams one day come true!

Anonymous said...

Lovely POV. If they really made it they would have to cut it right down though. The showbuilding would be the size of epcot.