Friday, February 22, 2013

Long Awaited WDI Legendary imagineer Marty Sklar Biography Now Available For Pre-Order !

The long awaited biography of legendary WDI Imagineer Marty Sklar is now available for pre-order at special pre-order price of $14.99 only! I added it on the D&M Amazon store so you can order it directly on Amazon right HERE. I remind you that ordering an item on the D&M Amazon store is just like placing an order in Amazon and you'll pay directly to Amazon. 

It's difficult to find another WDI Imagineer who participated to the grand adventure of Disney theme parks from the start and Marty has obviously tons of inside stories to share, so this book will be one of the most awaited of the year for all Disney theme park fans! When Marty retired some years ago WDI did a fantastic party for him and D&M had the scoop pictures of it. If you've missed this article you can read it HERE.

Here is the book description, from Amazon: 

Marty Sklar was hired by The Walt Disney Company after his junior year at UCLA, and began his Disney career at Disneyland in July 1955, the month before the park opened. He spent his first decade at Disney as “the kid,” the very youngest of the creative team Walt had assembled at WED Enterprises. But despite his youth, his talents propelled him forward into substantial responsibility: he became Walt’s speech writer, penned Walt’s and Roy’s messages in the company’s annual report, composed most of the publicity and marketing materials for Disneyland, conceived presentations for the U.S. government, devised initiatives to obtain sponsors to enable new Disneyland developments, and wrote a twenty-four-minute film expressing Walt’s philosophy for the Walt Disney World project and Epcot. He was Walt’s literary right-hand man.

Over the next forty years, Marty Sklar rose to become president and principal creative executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, and he devoted his entire career to creating, enhancing, and expanding Walt’s magical empire. This beautifully written and enlightening book is Marty’s own retelling of his epic Disney journey, a grand adventure that lasted over half a century.

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