Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Walt Disney Studios Winter Pictorial Update

I just received yesterday these new pictures from Max Fan, D&M collaborator and Dlrp Welcome webmaster and they fit well after my yesterday's update as some of them are showing the Walt Disney Studios Backlot.  Sure, when Max shot the pictures one week ago it was still snowing and freezing and you can count - literally - how many people were inside the WDS that day, but you'll see WDS Backlot and will probably understand why a really well themed Marvel land would be welcome here.

There we go, starting with the Rock and Roller Coaster facade - picture above - hiding in fact an industrial building with the coaster in it. Right in front of the Blockbuster Cafe - formerly Backlot Express - a New York yellow cab, snow include - but the snow is not coming from New York!

The entrance of Moteurs, Action stunt show. I wonder if there was a show that snowy day, with a ground covered by snow... i wouldn't bet on that.

The facade of the Armageddon attraction, if we can call it a facade. That's the one i'm betting it's doomed if a Marvel land is built.

Except if you love freezing temperatures and to be alone in a theme park, there was not really one good reason to be at the WDS that day.

Yes, it looks cold and, boy, looking at the guests you can feel how cold it was that day.

That said, Cinemagique lighting looks nice in this winter atmosphere.

Never seen Hollywood Boulevard under snow? Well, here it is.

Walt statue with Mickey at the exit of Studio 1. With this kind of weather and wearing this kind of suit Walt would probably be frozen if he was not in bronze.

The entrance of the park which probably did closed early that day...

Sunset time, time to go back home, and drink something hot!

Let's end on a good news as since these pictures were shot the temperatures are rising and the snow disappeared!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan

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