Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amazing Pictures of Walt

Here is a selection of "amazing" pictures of Walt for this week-end! The one above is an incredible picture, and i wonder if it's not my Walt favorite picture. He looks like he's "flying high", almost like in a state of "weightlessness". What a shot!

Back to Earth on the next shot with Walt with a sombrero, welcoming a mexican girl, and probably mexican musicians! 

On this rare picture probably shot during the making of 20000 Leagues under the sea Walt is holding a fake giant squid tentacle!

Walt as the driver of the Main Street "Carnation company fresh milk ice cream" car!

Pictures of Walt with children are always great, like this one showing him at Disneyland with children inside the Frontierland stagecoach...

...Or this other one on which he is literally surrounded by children of all ages!

Pictures: copyright Disney

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Amazing pictures! Had never seen them before, thanks!