Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DLP Update : St Patrick's Day at Disneyland Paris, POTC Reopens, and more

A short DLP update today. Last week DLP celebrated the Welch St David's day and this week-end it was the turn of St Patrick's day, an important date for all Irish! Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster was there and came back with videos of the event.

As usual everything has to be color green for St Patrick's day and Mickey and Minnie were the first ones!

Both of them will be later on a Main Street car during the Irish pre-parade, but also Tinkerbell, also in green clothes...

Here is the Irish pre-parade video.

The same day at DLP, guests could watch the Sarah Clark Academy of Irish Dancing with 
Chip and Dale.

But it's the special fireworks in the evening that everyone was waiting for,  and here is the full video of the 2013 St Patrick's day fireworks at DLP!

Last week-end was also the one of the re-opening of Pirates of Caribbean after two long months of rehab. Good news, It seems that the lighting has been enhanced and some show elements which were not working anymore are now back in place. Among them the famous duelists - that you will find only in the DLP POTC version - are now back, so even if no Jack Sparrow AA were added the ride had a pretty good rehab and, again, the lighting is impressing!

Mouetto, from the DCP forum has put online a video filmed just after the re-opening where you'll see briefly  these two duelists in action.

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Pictures and videos: copyright Dlrp Welcome.

POTC Picture: copyright Disney

POTC Video: copyright DCP forum

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