Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary Celebration Video

Tokyo Disneyland celebrated yesterday their 30th Anniversary and as you will see on the video below they did it with literally all the main characters of each Disney movie! TDR had a record attendance of 27,5M visitors in 2012 and they expect to break this record this year with the 30th Ann celebrations.

Star Tours The Adventure Continues will open on May 7, but even more interesting, Oriental Land has announced that they are planning to invest $1.5 billion into TDR theme parks between 2011 and 2020! that surely is a lot of money for a lot of rides!


Anonymous said...

$1.5 billion?! That's enough for a third gate! But obviously there is no land to build it.

So my guess is they will do a complete overhaul of the Magic Kingdom. Many parts of it are poorly designed when compared to the deliciously perfect design of DLP.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Wow! 1.5 billion is really a lot!

With that money there I would, first of all, do a completely new Tomorrowland and, after that, a new Fantasyland, by upgrading the existing dark rides, both the facades and the rides themselves. If I'm not mistaken, the original dark rides there, like Peter Pan, are shorter than in the American parks; at least that's the impression I have.

Finally, if there is still money left after that I would do an awesome new E-Ticket attraction at Disney Sea.

Just hope they WDI is resonable with them so that they can do a lot with that much money...

Anonymous said...

The Fantasyland Pinocchio Attraction was made for Disneyland's 1983 New Fantasyland edition. As they were making one for both parks they sent Disneylands over to Tokyo Disneyland as there's was opening first and it was the first completed.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Yes, Pinocchio is probably the same, but Peter Pan and Snow White feels shorter versions.