Thursday, May 2, 2013

Disneyland Paris Frontierland Update

We're back at Disneyland Paris with this time an update essentially about Frontierland's Big Thunder Mountain where works have began near the show building. So, let's go to Thunder Mesa with pictures by Max Fan D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster.

On our way we'll note that there is currently a little refurbishment on the ground of the path leading to Frontierland entrance...

...and that the Fuente Del Oro fountain is now working again!

But as i told you it's on the BTM building that works are happening as you can see on this picture.

Let's have a closer look at this now demolished rock.

What the hell are they doing, you ask? Well, apparently these works are done because DLP decided to create a new and easier access for disabled guests, especially the one in wheel chair. Below a concept art posted on the DCP forum showing what they plan to do.

There built already a new access some years ago, on the opposite, but this one is for guests with Fast Pass, one that guests in wheel chair can't use.

A few more pictures with one of a BTM locomotive exiting the load building...

...a close shot of Big Thunder Mountain...

...and a nice one of Phantom Manor.

See you soon for a new DLP update, and don't miss too yesterday's WDS update about the works on the Ratatouille ride HERE!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome


Anonymous said...

It's Great to see Thunder Mesa waking up from after it's white chilling winter, but then it's the seasons which it experiences that make it so real compared to the other 4 versions of Fronteirland and Westernland. I was looking at the newer Big Thunder fast pass and handicap planned access on the plan you have shown. As in so many cases fast pass shuffles guests through quicker but in the process they are missing all the preshow that was carefully staged for them to experience starting at the front gate. The historical preshow is the foreplay to the big adventure or climax that waits ahead for them to experience. Make the handicapped walkway more interesting as if it was access to the milling operations nearby with gates and added overhead hardware or tin roofs for falling debris from the ball or stamp mills when operating as they do. Coming in through the exit gate is not as fun as rolling through the front mine camp from the entrance. See what so many mining museums wanted but didn't get because Disney Imagineers wanted you to experience them at Thunder Mesa in historical settings like here at the Big Thunder Mining Company's front mine and mill camp. Ever seen a steam powered cement mixer or listen to the miners down in the hole talking away?

Disney Fan said...

Thanks for the great pictures.
Love seeing Disney even when I can't visit anytime soon!