Friday, August 9, 2013

Amazing LIFE Magazine Pictures of Disneyland on Opening Day ! - Part Four : Adventureland jungle Cruise

Here is the last article with the amazing pictures of Disneyland at opening day shot by LIFE photographers. This time we will have a look at Adventureland and more precisely the Jungle Cruise attraction as it looked on opening day thanks to pictures shot by LIFE photographer Loomis Dean. As usual, click on each picture to see them in big size. If you've missed the part one with pictures of Main Street and Fantasyland on opening day you'll find it HERE ,  the part two with the Tomorrowland pics is HERE, and the part three with the Frontierland at opening day pictures is HERE.

As you've seen in the previous articles, it's incredible how the land was dry at that time - after all it was just an orange grove before! So, these LIFE pictures of one of Disneyland most beloved attractions are precious, not only because they show the ride as it looked at the start but also because we can see how the park has changed from an almost dry environment to a tropical one with a lush vegetation of exotic trees, plants and flowers thanks to the talent - and even genius - of WED Horticulturist Bill Evans.

Going through Schweitzer falls...

In our days, everyone except young children coming to Disneyland for the first time knows that the Jungle Cruise animals are not real but Audio-Animatronics, but back on opening day the mechanical Jungle Cruise crocodiles or hippos were something new for Disneyland guests. And if i can judge by the picture below the illusion was impressing enough to put the doubt in visitor's minds...

I hope you all enjoyed these four articles, and it's with this photo of a Jungle Cruise hippo that we will end this fantastic LIFE pictorial report of Disneyland at opening day... Although i have one more with you, not shot on opening day but rare pictures indeed that will be posted next week after the covering this week-end of the D23 Expo as Disney and more will cover the most awaited event by Disney fans all around the world!

Pictures: copyright LIFE - Time Inc

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Anonymous said...

Disney Legend Fred Joerger's rockwork in the new Jungle Cruise should be pointed out along with his famous Switzer Falls you almost get wet under on your journey. He was Mr Rockwork having worked on about everything from this to the Matterhorn and Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. River Country at Walt Disney World was also done by Fred and still stands today waiting to be revitalized.

Amir Al-Zubi said...

It seems that skipper photo has a fes on photo:
Does anyone know was there a period that fes was official outfit for Jungle Cruise crew?