Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paramount Park project in Alhama de Murcia, Spain, may be not dead after all

Guess what? Finally it seems that the Paramount Park project in Alhama de Murcia, Spain, is may be not dead after all! In the latest news the president of the region, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, announced that Paramount had entered in the shareholding of the project. This may provide greater credibility and confidence to the project, which would also attract new shareholders who so far doubted of the veracity of the Paramount Park project. Let's hope that Paramount now among the shareholders - even with a minimum percentage - and their commitment to quality in the future park will add trust and believe in the project.

More news translated as well as i could from Spanish articles: 

"The Paramount chief executive revealed during the traditional summer briefing with regional media that the project is going well  "If the project would be born in another era, the kids would be  (already) playing on the rides. But as he was born in 2010, in times of economy crisis, the circumstances are different" he said.

The first announcement about the park project was done three years ago, in February 2010 , when was announced the deal with Paramount to create a theme park set in Murcia based on the Paramount movies. At that time nobody gave him credibility as it seemed to be another political project with no real background but however the project has been progressing slowly but surely and now we know the project plan,  as well as informations on the different lands of the park.

Also, in recent weeks, others news have appeared indicating that the project is ongoing with more support than ever and could soon start the works :

A news from newspaper La Verdad on July 27 said that the city of Alhama expects to grant the first license between October and November, after returning to a plenary session on Special Development Plan. However, despite Premursa intend to start work in September, the municipal corporation believe it might not be possible because of the time took by bureaucracy.  Minister of Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, also requested speed in the schedule so they can start the works in September.

Moreover, Jesus Samper ( Premursa promoter ) and Michael Bartok ( Paramount Licensing Executive Vice President ) visited the Region of Murcia and met with officials in the region to talk about the status of the project. 

In the news published on August 2 , the Minister of Tourism , Pedro Alberto Cruz, ensures that the project will go forward without interruption until his inauguration, thanks to the financial structure own by Premursa.

On the other hand, it was also announced that the model of the project ( picture on top ) will be presented in the Archaeological Museum of Murcia from September, to bring the project to the people of the region.

Let's end by a new video presenting the project with new renderings! Interesting part starts at 1.45 min.

Picture: copyright Paramount Park


Allan said...

The thing about themepark is that you need a team of people to create the rides and manage the park. Paramount is new to this game. They do not have WDI or Universal Creative on their side to build those rides. They will need an outside partner and then they will need to headhunt people from Disney or Universal to make the park work. Has any partners been announced?

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the best presentation I've ever seen.
Does anyone get the feeling that this park looks a lot like....say...disneyland.
the different sections, park hub, attractions,...etc add in a bit of universal for good measure and you get paramount park.
I do hope it gets to be build, this might wanna kick Disney out of its safe zone and start doing something about disneyland resort paris.

Anonymous said...

Good news for us Disneyland Paris fans. This new competititor could offer to the DLP Resort new investments from TWD.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Yes anonymous, I completely agree with you and it's amazing how Walt's original concept of a Theme Park with a Main Street entrance and lands themed to Adventure, Future, Old West and Fantasy/Fairy Tales is still the standard for most Theme Park projects 60 years later.

Barry Winkless said...

It always amazes me when I see any new 'theme' park these days- by in large they are an indirect or direct rip off of Walt Disney's original theme parks.

Lets hope it turns out to be more original than it looks and provides new experiences worth making the trip for

I agree with Allan's comments- where are they going to get the talent to execute this thing?

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I found a link to a 2014 preview brochure for the new Paramount Theme Park posted just recently (25 January 2014) on a local Spanish estate agents website. Link below: