Monday, September 2, 2013

WDS Ratatouille Ride Update

We will start the week with a short DLP update and the latest pictures of the works on the Ratatouille ride at the Walt Disney Studios. As usual we all thanks Max Fan , D&M contributor and DLRP Welcome webmaster for his pictures!

The first pictures below shows the new metallic structures for the upcoming fake facades where will be the future shop of the new mini land. This was how it looked just a few days ago...

and this is how it looks now, two days later...

Of course the works are still going on in the rest of the Ratatouille area and i think we can have good hopes to see the scaffoldings being removed later this fall.

In the meantime in Frontierland the new Big Thunder Mountain disabled guest access is now open and  a new rock was unveiled. Unfortunately it seems that the rock sculpture is not as "inspired" as the one that were done on the BTM area by the 1992 rock sculptors. It's always a dangerous decision to attempt to recreate a distinctive style of rockwork unless you have someone who worked on the project originally or a veteran rockwork sculptor who can carve in the same style as the pre-existing rocks. Unfortunately, here neither was the case, so rockwork should have been avoided and a water tank or any appropriate prop or architectural structure would have been a better choice than this rock work, at least from what we can see of it in the photos below...

Thats all for today about DLP present, we'll talk soon about its future!

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Photos: copyright Max Fan - DLRP Welcome

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