Thursday, September 19, 2013

RED ALERT for Hong Kong Disneyland as 1000 Km Large Monster Typhoon Usagi is Heading Towards Hong Kong

RED ALERT for Hong Kong Disneyland as Monster Typhoon Usagi is Heading Towards Hong Kong !!!

I don't say this often but this time i think the "red alert" is justified, so let's be clear: Super Typhoon Usagi is Earth's most powerful typhoon of the year, has explosively intensified in the last 24 hours to reach the equivalent of a type 5 hurricane with winds over 230 km/h, and is heading towards Hong Kong where it should arrive late Sunday. In two words, if the typhoon don't change its path, it's potentially an extremely dangerous storm coming right towards Hong Kong Disneyland. It's "the perfect storm", and it couldn't be worst.

This is serious, we are not talking here about a regular typhoon, this one is really a monster storm, 1000 km large, and to give you a better idea the size of Usagi equals the size of France AND Germany together - see picture above. It's a monster storm with winds right now over 150 mph ( over 230 km/h ) and  if it was in the U.S it will be considered as a hurricane type 5 , the highest one. I strongly recommand any of you who are planning to visit HKDL this week-end to cancel your trip and to watch closely the weather reports if you're already in Hong Kong or South East Asia. Taiwan apparently will have the luck to avoid the typhoon but even if Usagi change its mind and avoid a direct land fall on Hong Kong, considering its 1000 km large diameter there is no way to escape to the usual heavy rains which comes with a typhoon.

Again, don't underestimate Usagi as it is Earth's most powerful typhoon of the year and let's hope that Hong Kong will be spared as with winds over 230 km/h it will be hard for Hong Kong Disneyland to avoid serious damages. If Usagi stay on the same track i wouldn't be surprised if the park was closed when the typhoon will land in Hong Kong as i don't see them leaving the park open with 230 km/h winds.

Best luck to all of you staying over there and stay safe as the "big one" is coming in two days from now.

Pictures: copyright Joint Typhoon Warning Center

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