Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Vehicle On Track

Some fresh news from the even Dwarfs Mine Train construction at WDW Magic Kingdom with, first, the picture above showing ride workers and Imagineers surrounding one of the train vehicle in what seems to be the future boarding room, and you'll note that part of the vehicle is under the platform. I'm not 100% sure of the reason why but may be this is due to the fact that the part of the vehicle where guests will seat will be able to move and they probably had to find a trick to avoid the upper part of the vehicle to topple when guests will board inside the train.

Also, the first pictures showing one of these mine vehicle on track "outside" have been posted by Mouse Steps and they also did the video below.

Picture: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Mouse Steps


Ximagineer said...

Good lord, this is the slowest Disney project ever! It only took them a year to build Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

the mine car itself looks wonderful, fingers crossed it'll be done by New Years when I visit. More importantly fingers crossed the evil queen is in it (I know an imagineer hinted that they were thinking about it in an interview)

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I do agree that this is the slowest Disney project, maybe not ever, but at least since the Haunted Mansion!

I really wished to see it open at New Years, because I'll also be there, but I have almost no hope that this will happen.

Unknown said...

For once that there is a company interested in providing real quality work, with extra attention to details and originality. I can only appreciate that and would give them a whole new year if they need to finish the project ! At the end we all know, Disney Imagineers can deliver serious dream material, so I say let them take the time they need to complete what seems to me as a new masterpiece !

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I think that new masterpiece is exaggerating a lot!

IMO they are building a new C+, maybe D ticket, not a masterpiece like the HM.

Universal is delivering serious dream material much faster than Disney!