Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who Will Be the Aliens in Iron Man Experience ?

If you had a close look to the artwork officially released for the announcement of HKDL Iron Man Experience you probably noticed the strange creatures which seems to be the aliens against whom Iron Man will be fighting. If you didn't see the rendering, here it is.

Of course Disney and Marvel fans tried to find who in the Marvel Villains mythology could have inspired the Iron Man Experience creatures. And, according to Screamscape, one of his reader told Lance that they look very similar to the Hydra Octopus Robots that appeared in the Marvel Animated series "although most Hydra equipment are painted in green and here in black".

Well, they indeed look very similar with their multi legs looking like tentacles, although WDI seems to have redesigned a bit the mouth and eyes on the faces. The other thing which is in favor of the Hydra Octopus Robots is that they can go inside water. And i remind you that the action of Iron Man Experience movie will take place at Hong Kong which as everyone know is an island...

So, can you put your bets on these Hydra Octopus Robots as Iron Man Experience aliens? I think so, and so far they are the closest we've found to the creatures that we can see on the WDI renderings... Or they might have served as inspiration for a new kind of villain... But we might have to wait until 2016 to have the final answer! In the meantime you can learn more about the Hydra Octopus Robots HERE.

Pictures: copyright Disney Marvel


Allan said...

This seems to suggest the ride will be based on the Iron Man cartoons rather than the movies. It means Robert Downey Jr will not be appearing. He is way too expensive I guess.

Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that if these robots are Hydra, then they aren't aliens. Hydra is a human organization, best known for being the villains in the Captain America film.

Alain Littaye said...

Not at all, Allan. It just means that the villain might come from one from the animated series and even that is not 100% sure. And you can be sure they'll find a way to have Robert Downey appearing in the attraction show or pre-show.