Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Goddard Group "Shanghaî Bund" Theme Park Project

The Goddard Group, the company of Gary Goddard - Gary is the one who designed fantastic attractions like Jurassic Park and Terminator 3D for Universal Studios -  announced their new theme park project in China called "Shanghaî Bund". Located out of Shanghaî in Hengdian it will open in 2016 and works started two months ago on the 50 acres site.

The park will recreate Shanghaî legendary Bund, the iconic waterfront area, themed around the pre-war era and will be used too for film and television productions. 
It will also include major rides like the "Shanghaî Triad Chase" - picture above. The ride, inspired by "the infamous chinese triads will take guests in a wild adventure through Shanghaî's dark underworld". 

Gary Goddard said, “As a film director myself, I was able to work with the Hengdian Studio team to design a backlot that would greatly facilitate shooting within multiple areas, simultaneously. Constructing such a venue will allow Hengdian World Studios to address the incredible demand to film period dramas along the iconic water front locale, while also allowing the site to entertain the ever-growing number of tourists who flock to the city, where they're able to watch content production first hand. These tourists will also be able to experience the Bund’s movie theme park, which has been designed within this project.”

Taylor Jeffs, Goddard Group’s Director of Design, added, “The new studio and movie park will be home to several large-scale themed rides, shows, and studio tours that will transport guests inside the excitement and romance of the Bund's golden era. In addition, one particularly unique element of the park will be its seamless integration of the studio and theme park elements.”
Chris Crary, Goddard Group’s Director of Masterplanning and Architecture, said,  “Instead of having separate areas for each – like most studio-themed parks -- here they will be integrated into a single unit, made possible by the specialized placement of key production facilities and filming locations.  This will allow both the theme park and the studio to simultaneously function completely uninterrupted by each other.”

The Goddard Group also announced others projects in Macau, South Korea, Indonesia and Las Vegas and you can read more about these on the Blooloop website HERE

Well, it seems there will be plenty of theme parks in or around Shanghaî in 2016!
Pictures: copyright Goddard Group

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