Sunday, November 10, 2013

WDS Ratatouille Ride Will Open End June - Early July 2014 !

Exclusively for those of you who speak or understand french language here is below an interview of Disneyland Paris CEO Philippe Gas recorded this week by Radio Classique, in which he talks about the unfortunate accident that happened last week in POTC ( the boy is fine, now ), DLP annual results, and of the Ratatouille ride which he expect - first time we have a date announced "officially" - to be open at the end of June or early July 2014. The final date will be decided in December once the ride tests currently happening in the show building will allow DLP Imagineers to know better how long they still need to be ready for a grand opening.

I remind you that the ride - which has a final french title "L'aventure totalement toquée de Rémi" - will use a trackless vehicle system, with 3D projections on multiple screens all along the ride, that the ride vehicle will be themed like if it was a rat and all this with oversized decors to allow the guests to feel they've been reduced at the size of a rat! Above, the concept-art showing the ride vehicle design for disabled guests.

Last but not least: I'm posting each week pictures of the construction site shot by daylight but here is a night picture of it, posted on the DFC Forum, and the ride entrance will be where you see the light on the ground floor of the building in the center. No need to say that this is not the final lighting! Also note that the image on the top is not an official picture / logo but a home made logo.

Pictures: copyright Disney, DFC Forum

Video: copyright Radio Classique


Tom said...

Yeeha! After ridden the magnificent Mystic Manor last week, if Ratatouille is gonna be just a little what that attraction is, it's gonna be amazing! Can't wait for this "out-of-this-world" addition to our Paris resort!

Anonymous said...

It looks kinda good, it better be open when I come middle of July !! I have a complain though !!; when I ewas there a few years ago,, hardly any of the rides where open will that happen again ??!