Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fantastic Artwork of Walt Disney World Rides and Transportation Cars, Trains, and Boats !

Chris Buchholz is a fan of Disney and more and he did recently a project that i'm sure you gonna like. He drew most all of the cars, trains, and boats of Walt Disney World attractions and transportation and created a great artwork with all of them.

Chris thinks that some vehicles might be missing - if you see one missing thanks to let us know in the comments - so a new version will come soon. Personally i think he did a fantastic work, very neat, and i told him he should do a poster print of it when it will be completed. What do you think, would you be interested by order a poster when it will be released? If you are, send me an email at: and i will forward it to Chris!

Artwork: copyright Chris Buchholz


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, I'd buy a poster of this!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to add the new design of the Disney Transport buses (red/gray scheme) as well as the Soarin' hang gliders, Great Movie Ride/Ellen theater omnimovers, Mission Space and Star Tours. Also, putting in the 7 Dwarves Mine Train cars would be cool too. This is just so that the poster will be up to date. Otherwise, I think this is a fantastic piece of art and I'd be willing to get a poster to hang on my wall.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice illustration! I would also buy a poster of these drawings.

I did want to mention, I notice or maybe I missed it but Soarin and Star Tours is not in there.

Anonymous said...

Is he only including current rides? For old vehicles, I would say the Swan Boats and the Omnibus

Sean Yoda Rouse said...

Great poster! The other Main Street Vehcles - Omnibus, Fire Engine, Horseless Carriage - still ssometimes run and should be included. I think other respondants have got the other missing vehicles.

If it's supposed to include extinct attractions (and given the Toad car, Snow White vehicle, old Test Track car next to the new one, and Discovery River Cruise boat, I think it does) then it's missing a Davy Crockett Explorer Canoe, Mike Fink Keel Boat, 20k sub, Skyway bucket, Star Jet, Osceola class stemers, Fort Wilderness Railroad Cars, and probably some others that I cannot immediately recall.

Chris Buchholz said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! I'm the artist and I intend to draw in some of the missing cars and I do intend to make a poster. I will be in contact when it's ready. Thanks again guys!

Raoul said...

It looks terrific Chris!
One little note though, it looks like there are some slightly differences in the perspective of the vecicles. IMHO it would be more cohesive to have them all drawed in one perspective.

Bob said...

Am I missing the vehicle from the Great Movie Ride? Great artwork!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's very nice!

REC_79 said...

AMAZING work! I will definitely pick up one of these if they ever go on sale!

A few missing attraction ride vehicles I caught are:

-Magic Kingdom-
*Walt Disney World Railroad (two of the steam locomotives and the coaches)
*Keel Boats
*20K Nautilus Submarine
*Swan Boats
*Star Jets
*Original Space Mountain Rocket (with red nose)

*Universe of Energy
*Body Wars
*World of Motion
*The Living Seas (SeaCab & Hydrolator)

-Hollywood Studios-
*The Great Movie Ride
*Star Tours

Keep up the great work!!!

Mary said...

Hi. I've been to Disney World so many times in my 18 years of living I cannot even express how much joy this gave me. But it's driving me crazy that I don't know the Vehicle next to the Kilimanjaro Safari truck. Well done, overall! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

file91e said...

This is so friggin cool!

I know all of them except for the 5th row second and third from left. Why can't I recollect them?

Excellent work my friend. Can't wait for the next one!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Mary, the vehicle next to the Kilimanjaro Safari truck is an omnimover that IMO looks more like an Atom Mobile, but as it's a WDW poster, I would guess that it is the Seacabs from the previous living seas attraction, before they ruined the pavillion with Nemo (anyone has a better guess?).

I think that the third one is from Horizons file91.

Morgan said...

Only one bus, the newest reticulated bus, is missing! I and many of my friends would buy this poster! How do we find out when it is for sale?

Alain Littaye said...

Disney and more will let you know, but the best is to send an email at: and we'll keep your email and contact you directly when the poster will be released.

Marisa said...

What is the pink boat before the blue IASM one? I think that's the only one I haven't figured out.