Monday, January 6, 2014

New Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride Imagineering Video !

Walt Disney Imagineering released on the Disney Parks Blog a new behind the scenes video that will show you a more about the awaited Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction. And this time Imagineers Ben VanBeusekon and Mary Mac Eachin explain the train cars theming and aging process. As usual the cars are part of the story of the attraction, but in this case as they are supposed to be mine cars the theming had to be more accurate than ever.

You'll find the video below but we're gonna "stop the time" a bit with these screen captures of interesting shots, starting by a series of renderings of the train cars.

The video will also show you the train cars being painted and aged at different steps by WDI Imagineers...

Also include again some shots of the virtual ride which was presented before like the scene with the dwarfs inside the mine that WDW guests will discover later this year when the ride will open...

...but this is to better introduce the next shot showing for the first time the REAL decor of the inside of the mine!

There is more shots in the video of the real train running at night so go ahead, have a look at this great WDI video!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Matt said...

This is fantastic. Love seeing the process, and the famous Disney detailing of everything. Can't wait for this to open!

Léo said...

The ride testings look... Bumpy.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The attraction looks really nice, but I just came back from WDW and was very disappointed for not being able to ride it; why are they taking so long?

It was my first time there since the opening of New Fantasyland and I thought that this expansion is very lame.

I hope that this new attraction will compensate the rest of the expansion.