Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pixar To Direct a Star Wars Animated Film ?

If this info revealed yesterday by Latino Review is right, and they're often ( but not always ) right, this is going to make some noise, folks. According to their post Pixar would direct a Star Wars animated film - which will come of course in addition to the new Star Wars "episodes" movies and the others spin-off movies centered on characters.

Right now there is no infos on what the story will be or what characters will be involved - so consider this news as a rumor - but Pixar for sure has a good experience in animated droids - remember Wall-E?  - and i'm sure they could do something great and elegant, as always. All i'm asking them is that it don't looks like the Andrew Chesworth fan artwork above (!)

From Latino Review: "Once the canon-purge is over and Episode VII is in production, there will be a whole universe of Star Wars related content to play in. We’ve heard about TV shows,new comics tie-ins (Marvel, of course), spin-off movies for particular characters and now, a Pixar film.

At this point, no idea what the size or shape of this film will be and given the long-view storytelling production model that is part of the Pixar brand, this could be a long way off. We can expect it to take place in the middle of a Venn Diagram between Star Wars and A Pixar Movie, and what that means to you depends on your definition of both."

The full article of Latino Review is HERE and the artwork above is from Andrew Chesworth.

Picture: copyright Andrew Chesworth.

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