Thursday, January 23, 2014

HKDL Update : Construction of Iron Man Experience Will Start After Chinese New Year

I've got a short update - but with plenty of fresh news for you today - about Hong Kong Disneyland - and it's not rumors! 

HKDL Tomorrowland will have constructions starting right after the Chinese New Year Event, and it will be the start of the works for the new E-Ticket ride Iron Man Experience! The Iron Man Site has been cleared, and construction works will cut the HKDL Railroad track and disable the train to go out from its storage area. In consequences, the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad will stop working for one year. From what i've been told they first thought to make a tunnel passing under the railroad track but apparently this was not the right solution.

There is also a new building - on the foreground, left, on the rendering above - to be built just a few meters from Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster - which is in fact located on the right of the rotunda that you can see on the rendering. The Buzz Lightyear fast pass machines will move away for one year, and no fast pass will be available for the Buzz attraction until the works are done.

Also, to clear the pathway to the new site, the two outdoor merchandising and food carts currently located near Buzz Lightyear will permanently move to somewhere else in Tomorrowland, while the existing sign of Autopia will be gone.

There are other works going on in HKDL Tomorrowland: Comet Cafe has received a new color tone on its roof - picture above -  and Starliner Diner is currently being repainted, too. 

Iron Man Experience is scheduled to open in 2016 but something else - still secret but not a ride - will come to Fantasyland in 2015. HKDL also have many small plans for the four original lands between 2014 - 2016, but rather than just rehab it will be many enhancing, upgrading projects which will add more themed Meet & Greet locations, shops and dining places. 

That's all for now!

Pictures: copyright DIsney


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the park keep adding and enhancing attractions. The Hong Kong resort seems to have more money than I imagined

Anonymous said...

HKDL is finally worthy of a visit and more is coming. Sweet!

Tom said...

This is great, merci for the update!

I am happy to see that Iron man is still in the works and not stopped due to budget reasons.

The park is great, but can use a new E-ticket.

To read that they will be doing new thing in the other lands too is great. I hope they will be good and built by Imagineering. The new "store" part in Main Street is not that good and rather a bad new thing than a nice one...

Why will the Autopia sign be gone? Just for the construction? And closing the railroad for a year is pretty "big" for the park. Maybe they can change the seating configuration like the dlp trains, as there is more than enough to see outside the railroad tracks now. People on the train miss Mystic Manor, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land...

Thanks again, it's very nice that you keep us updated on the beautiful HKDL!

mr.Lime said...

" ... and construction works will cut the HKDL Railroad track and disable the train to go out from its storage area."
According to the GoogleMaps satellite pictures, the railroad towards the storage area is located in the middle of Autopia, certainly not inside the construction site of Iron Man.

Aren't they closing down the railroad, because they have to build some sort of tunnel inside the Iron Man building? A bit like the tunnel inside the Pirates-attraction in DLP?

Alain Littaye said...

No, it's because the ride show building will be located on a piece of land located on the other side of the track - backstage for now - and guests must be able to access to it.